Per un pugno di Sole

For a handful of sun

But how beautiful is the sun?

This incandescent ball that burns millions of km from our flood, which helps to generate life, because let's face it, it is indispensable!

The Sun is also defined as the parent star where the eight main planets with their satellites orbit around it, and then the other myriads of lower planets, debris and dust, and it is all hanging there, in nothing !! But how fascinating is this stuff? to me so much !!

Of course in recent years it seems that he is the cause of the increase in temperatures and instead, poor thing, he is blamed for taking a weight off us and for not taking on our responsibilities.

Science has long agreed that global warming ... drum roll ... EXISTS !! It is mainly connected to human emissions of greenhouse gases , intensive farming and exploitation for crops intended for intensive farming, so it all brings us back to man ....

It is a phenomenon that involves all of humanity, albeit in a different way, so the time has come for everyone to ask themselves how to collaborate in its contrast in everyday life?

This is a worrying process, since this climatic warming gives rise to numerous consequent phenomena of alteration in all environmental compartments , and its effects are already clearly visible on a physical (first and foremost meteorological trend) and biological level.

Below is a graph showing the combined increase in atmospheric and oceanic temperatures, a clear answer to those who deny climate change

climate change trend

But what are the outcomes of global warming?
High-scale environmental alterations connected with extreme meteorological phenomena ( tornadoes, typhoons, torrential rains and hailstorms with ever larger grains ), desertification, rising seas, spread of tropical diseases, melting of ice, which will make you feel at various levels their negative impact on the environment and on humans, increase and aggravation of pollen and dust allergies.

And how are we in Italy?

According to the CNR-ISAC studies, the average annual temperatures in Italy have grown, in the last two centuries, by 1.7 ° C (equal to over 0.8 ° C per century), but the most significant contribution to this increase it took place in the last 50 years , for which the increase was around 1.4 ° C (equal to around 2.8 ° C per century ).

As the news rumbles, the effects of these temperature rises are manifesting abruptly. The north of Italy, after more than 70 years, has declared a state of drought, the south of Italy undergoes heavy downpours with enormous damage !! Agriculture is brought to its knees, every year more and more, and the import of wheat is always higher, more than 50% of soft wheat and 30/40% of durum wheat.

What can we do to slow down this process?

If each of us undertakes to take a small daily step, it has been shown that it is possible to slow down the process in a consistent way, yes but how? It all starts with the RESPECT of others. What does respect have to do? It is incredibly important! Because we must understand that our every single action is automatically reflected on another individual. Living life as if there was no tomorrow well .. we can no longer afford to say it. Saying I eat what I want, we can no longer afford to say it. We cannot afford to think and say this out of respect for others, who may be interested in the future. One small step at a time can allow us to reach the top, without much effort and sacrifice, but this step we must start doing!

Let's start with simple things, for example, set one day a week where to eat exclusively vegetable, where instead of animal proteins, you use vegetable proteins, given by legumes, or vegetable burgers or vegetable sliced, which are nothing more than a mix of legumes and spices that bring to mind the taste of meat. For example, if you have breakfast with a glass of soy drink you have already introduced half of the proteins needed for the day, so you just have to eat them, in another form, for lunch or dinner, and that's it !! From one day a week, you take it to two, then to three and so on .. You will see that it is easier said than done!

Nowadays, there are a lot of people who advertise super tasty and easy to brew vegetable recipes. We recommend: Clarissa from Mrs. Veggy , Annalisa from Little Vegan Witch , Francesca from Pasticciando con la Franca , are just some of all the profiles you can consult for recipes and recipes !! Then there is the Ioscelgoveg team that gives a lot of reflection points, as well as recipes, and Being Animals , which shows the naked truth behind intensive farming, if you are omnivor * and if you hold on to it. my stomach and heart start to cry watching their videos then a question comes to me, why do you still eat them? Do you have doubts about caloric intake, balance of dishes, intake of vitamins etc etc? then you absolutely must follow Dr. Silvia Goggi , a specialist in food science and she founded plantbasedclinic where you can find a lot of professional doctors for every need.

What can we do besides start eating vegetables? Making conscious purchases and asking ourselves, every time, do I really need it? Can I find it second-hand? Not always buying new is also a small contribution because it helps to give new use to something that is still functional or reusable. And then is it necessary to follow fashion? do we really need a thousand thousand shoes and clothes? Or is it better to look for truly sustainable clothing, pay the right price, and truly exploit it? Surely we will be surprised how long a garment made with quality fabrics lasts compared to fast fashion.

For footwear we recommend VeganShoes , a 100% Italian brand with wonderful shoes made with an alternative of vegetable origin. They are super comfortable and long lasting! For clothing we recommend Lizè Natural Clothing offers really beautiful and comfortable natural fiber garments! We strongly advise you not to use platforms such as Shein, BonPrix, Zalando, etc., etc. which encourage fast fashion, the exploitation of workers (including minors) and the impact on the environment is very high, caused by the dyes for fabrics used, and from the speed of non-use of the items sold, 52 collections a year are a very high number, a new collection a week! We should bring to light the purchase of not many years ago, where it was made infrequently and was connected to necessity instead of hobby.

Then we also want to recommend an educator and trainer to more sustainable, ethical and conscious lifestyles Alice Pomiato we really like how she presents things, she has a direct and frank way of speaking, does not mince words, at times it may seem pungent and provocative but we love it for that too. For the more political aspect we recommend Martina Micciché photojournalist who deals with geopolitics and human rights, does an excellent job on thorny and uncomfortable topics, goes to touch still hidden points and does it in a simple and exhaustive way.

Certainly in 2022 we cannot continue to be "ignorant" about the causes of climate change and we certainly cannot continue to live blindfolded and bypass what we do not want to face. The future is not ours and this is also why we must respect it for future generations! ( if there are any )

Do you want to keep burying your head in the sand or do you want to start taking a small step together with people who are trying to do something concrete to still have a future?

climate change exists and man is certainly the cause .

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