Sogna... fino a quando..

Dream ... until ...

My biggest dream is to be able to have a small farmhouse, to be able to transform it into a small bed & breakfast, with the possibility of having a small evening restaurant, where I can give free rein to my imagination by transforming the products of the garden that he gives daily. . A little corner of paradise where you can bake cakes, focaccias, bread and pizzas of all kinds every day.

Welcome your furry friends and then you too, but only if your furry friend guarantees for you! : P

It would all be in a vegetable key, because I would like to dispense only love for my neighbor, starting from nature, fauna and flora.

I imagine walking under the arcades of this farmhouse where an American vine is the host, making the house even more magical. Being able to welcome you, have a chat together, give serenity and simplicity, as if you were with your family on Christmas Eve.

I would love to be able to work with my husband, I who dedicate myself to the kitchen, the B&B and the vegetable garden, and he who would dedicate himself to the green, the orchard (which we certainly would have) and also the vegetable garden with me.

I would like to be able to live more according to the rhythms of nature, with expectations and frenzy, with the sun and the rain. Where there is no Sunday and Monday.

I already imagine the corner of the box office where it is possible to buy everything and more, because I would like to be able to continue with my much loved Tulipano a Vento. I could never think of not having this happy space anymore, which introduced me to a lot of Italian artisans and artisans, who put love and passion into what they create. I already imagine that among them there will also be my products, created in the kitchen, such as jams, biscuits and bread products.

Sometimes it feels like it's all so real that I can almost touch it !! And I must admit that on these occasions, which are no longer rare, tears of joy come out of me.

In the photo above I have immortalized my mother-in-law's house, she lives in Normandy, and the house she found is wonderful, rustic and romantic. A home that contains timeless beauty!

tunnel in the woods

This is the path to reach the dream .. and as long as I manage to dream it, I can think of making it happen.

I hope to have managed to make you dream with me, to have made sure that the dream was not only such, but that it materialized in your mind.

What is your secret dream that you hope to achieve?

What kind of deep inside this dream? I hope you want to tell me about it .. carrying it in black and white makes it a little closer.

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Che dire piccola,mi sono emozionata ,sono scese lacrime di gioia,non solo per avere messo la foto della mia proprieta ma per avere descriti con esatezza il tuo sogno….io posso solo Che approvare tua scelta perche gia ci vivo in questa bella naturadove ogni giorno vedo cose bellissime,ogni Tipo di animali,piante,ecc…un solo desiderio ho per te e cioe Che quello che possa il tuo sogno presto diventare realta perché so per certo che dove sarai sarete sara un posto pieno d’amore,di benessere e dove si respirera aria di famiglia…PS: saro di certo un ospite ricorrente 😉. Sei una bella personna,non cambiare e FAI che i tuoi sogni diventino reali,so che ce la puoi fare….😘

petra jasmin kruger

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