Spugna Konjac, Elisir per la tua pelle

Konjac sponge, Elixir for your skin

100 % natural sponge made of vegetable fibers obtained from the root of the homonymous plant. Once wet it has a soft texture, ideal for cleansing the face and body. This sponge has been used in Japan, for millennia, as a bath sponge for babies thanks to its characteristic softness . The popularity of this product quickly spread to China, Southeast Asia and finally made it to Europe too!

The edible part of the Konjac plant has been used for millennia in Asian cuisine as a dietary dish. The secret of this tuber is the presence of a polysaccharide Glucomannan, which allows it to retain large quantities of water, increasing the satiating power.

The Konjac sponge has a hard consistency which, upon contact with water, becomes very soft and soft , also increasing in volume.

It turns out to be very effective in cleansing the face and body , leaving the skin radiant and smooth thanks to the super delicate exfoliating action it exerts, preparing the skin in the best way to receive the nutrients of the subsequent steps of the beauty routine.

It is suitable for all skin types, there are for all types, especially for the most delicate and sensitive ones.

If well preserved, the Konjac sponge can last up to three months.

Why choose Konjac Sponge?

Respect the environment! When it reaches the end of its life, the sponge must be thrown directly into the organic, in a very short time it decomposes leaving no harmful residues in the environment. It is 100% natural and biodegradable.

Economic. The average duration of the sponge is 2-3 months. This depends on the correct storage and the type of use, the sponge is equipped with a cotton cord that will allow you to hang it after use in order to allow it to dry quickly.

Removing superficial dead cells is important in every season : in winter the skin appears more gray, dull and dehydrated, the delicate exfoliation that the konjac sponge reserves allows to eliminate the gray and give new brightness to the skin. Even in the change of seasons the balance of the skin is altered so keeping it clean and exfoliated will prove to be a cure-all and will make it healthier and more luminous!

Its benefits:

  • Helps cell renewal : with its gentle exfoliation it eliminates superficial dead cells, facilitating cell turnover. The skin will immediately appear smoother and more luminous.

  • It stimulates the production of Collagen : its delicate action allows to oxygenate the tissues and promotes the production of collagen which will help the skin to plump and thin out small wrinkles.

  • It prepares the skin to receive the following treatments: thanks to the micro exfoliation it frees the pores from sebum and impurities allowing the skin to better and more effectively absorb the nutrients present in the cosmetics used in the subsequent steps of the beauty face routine.

  • Rebalances the pH : thanks to the alkaline pH it allows to rebalance the acidity of the skin. It also contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other substances useful for the well-being and beauty of the skin.

  • Stimulates microcirculation : the circular movements and the gentle exfoliation it exerts stimulates the microcirculation also improving tissue oxygenation. Result = brighter and more compact skin.

  • Deep cleanses even when used alone, without detergent.

  • Eliminates impurities and traces of pollution , it is possible to use it to remove make-up but it will shorten the path of the sponge to about 1 month / 1 month and a half.
  • It helps tanning: thanks to the super delicate exfoliation it allows you to better sunbathe in a more homogeneous way and ensuring a longer duration.

How to use the Konjac Sponge

The sponge is hard and compact . Before each use it must be immersed for about 5 minutes in just warm water. The sponge will also begin to swell up to double, thus becoming soft and fluffy.

Once hydrated, it can be used with circular movements on the skin that will stimulate the microcirculation, carrying out a very delicate mechanical exfoliation action . It can also be used gently around the eyes, lips and nose.

The Konjac sponge can also be used with your favorite cleanser / makeup remover / micellar water. Be careful though !! The doses of the product must be reduced as it is very porous and is already a detergent in itself.

After use, it should be rinsed under cold water and squeezed gently. Keep it in a cool and ventilated place. The Konjac sponge, which you can find in our shop, has a cotton cord with which you can hang your sponge so that it dries properly.

The storage methods of the konjac sponge greatly affect its duration! The better it is preserved and the harder it is!

Which Konjac Sponges to choose?

There are specific types of Konjac based on their color.

  • Konjac white sponge : the “basic” version suitable for all skin types. Also suitable for the skin of children .
  • Konjac black sponge : enriched with activated vegetable carbon, this sponge is particularly suitable for oily and impure skins , with an acne tendency. Charcoal is known for its skin-purifying and absorbent abilities.
  • Konjac pink sponge : enriched with pink clay and is recommended for dry and sensitive skin is also enriched with rose water.
  • Purple Konjac sponge : enriched with lavender extracts with a calming and soothing action, for delicate skin with a tendency to redness.
  • Konjac yellow sponge : enriched with lemon. The yellow konjac is ideal for skin with imperfections and with enlarged pores . It has astringent, purifying and lightening properties, enriched with peach water.

You just have to choose your favorite and revolutionize your routine !!

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