Un Diavolo per Capello

A Devil for Capello

The Skin, a fantastic protection and hydration machine.

I dust off some theory learned in school to become a hairdresser, let's get started!

If we look more closely at the skin we can divide it into 3 layers. The most superficial layer is called Epidermis, just below we find the Dermis which is composed of elastic cells and collagen, and finally we find the Hypodermis which is mainly formed by adipose tissue. Between the dermis and the hypodermis we find the hair bulbs that give rise to hair and hair.

To simplify all the speeches we will continue to talk about skin.

The skin is able to nourish the hair up to a length that varies between 5 and 7cm. The rest of the length is considered "dead" so it is very important to use masks and creams to keep the length healthy, nourished and hydrated.

On the skin sebum, dead cells and dirt are deposited between smog and dust particles for this reason it would be more correct to speak of "washing the skin". (if you think about it, you don't say "I'm going to wash my hair"! 😂)

Let's dispel the myth that washing your hair every day damages the scalp and hair because this is absolutely not the case ... but you must use the correct products, in the correct way!

In the poll launched on Instagram it emerged that 10% of voters "wash their hair" every day, 25% wash them every other day (I am part of this category) and 65% wash them every 3 days or more (but lucky laro) !!

Sometimes frequent washing did not depend on the greasy skin but on the type of work that a person does and is forced to wash them daily. Sometimes, however, it depends on the skin and therefore it is absolutely necessary to respect it and wash it with delicate and at the same time nourishing products, we must always keep this consideration valid, in any circumstance.

Every time we wash the skin, and here we speak in general, in addition to the superficial layer of sebum that is formed and in addition to eliminating dead cells, we compromise the hydrolipidic film of the skin and scalp, use products too aggressive in the long run create almost irreparable damage. But also using the right product but in the wrong quantity creates damage, irritating the skin.

Let us always remember that less is more 😉

For example, I have to wash my scalp every other day because I sweat a lot right from the head (inherited from my dad), and no, I don't have greasy hair, but it is the excessive sweating that leads me to a more washing. frequent. If I used a shampoo for oily scalp I would go to use an unsuitable product and in the long run it could go to sensitize my scalp and also encounter dermatitis.

But is it better to use a liquid or solid shampoo?

There is no right or wrong answer here. In the survey, 46% of you use liquid shampoo, 33% solid shampoo, while 21% use both. Surely the solid produces a much lower quantity of waste than the plastic bottle and certainly uses fewer resources to be produced, but this does not mean that it is better than the liquid one. Learning how to use shampoo correctly can truly change our lives. Our scalp and hair will surely thank you. Not neglecting the economic factor, because being concentrated it uses less and therefore the duration is longer.

All the shampoos you find available in our shop, both liquid and solid, are concentrated , so they must be used in a totally different way from the habit taken with those in the supermarket (alt, there are valid alternatives there too anyway. Let's not demonize everything😈).

Let's see if I can explain in words how to best use the different types of shampoo 😅

- First of all to brush hair, an underestimated gesture but it is extremely important. It begins to oxygenate the scalp, eliminates surface dirt, begins to eliminate any styling or finish products, detangles the hair.

- Now we absolutely have to wet the scalp and hair thoroughly with preferably lukewarm water.

- Let's turn off the water !! This is a fundamental step for success 😜

- If we use the Liquid shampoo pour a peanut on the palm of the hand, dip the fingertips and go to deposit the product right on the skin, do not dilute it with water, please!

- If we use the Solid shampoo rub the same directly on the skin, at most 2 times on the same point, creating sections to help us get well in the areas that I carry below.

The main points where to apply the shampoo are :

- nape, green area

- temples and occipital, purple zone

- front, red zone

- rear, blue area

head areas

Once the product has been applied to these areas we begin to massage with your fingertips doing small circular movements .

If there is no foam, DO NOT add product but continue to massage, most of the time not to foam is not synonymous with little product, but simply the skin is more greasy. Then continue to massage all the skin well for a couple of minutes.

Make slow movements and apply a little pressure, the sensation should be that of a relaxing massage. Rinse carefully and repeat the application. This time the foam will be nice and consistent, always massage with circular movements and using ONLY the fingertips.

If you "wash your hair" every day, just shampoo!

If you have medium / long hair you can bring the length close to the scalp which will be full of foam and pinch it, so as to incorporate the foam also on the length. This is the ultimate wash as far as length is concerned. They should not be rubbed vigorously with shampoo! We're just going to wear the length further, causing breakages and split ends, and I'm sure nobody wants that. Unfortunately I have noticed many videos showing how to use the shampoo and .. I often get goosebumps to see how they rub the length 🥶 so .. DON'T IMITATE please !!

After foaming, rinse thoroughly and thoroughly.

If you have used a solid shampoo created with the saponification process (for example Grintica or Lavazzami ) you have to do an acid rinse which simply consists of dissolving a teaspoon of citric acid in a glass of water. This is used to restore the skin's pH as saponified shampoos have a basic pH between 9 and 10.5 while the skin has a slightly acidic pH, it is between 4.5 and 5.5, while the hair reaches an acidity of 3.5! So it's really necessary to restore some order 😉.

Dab the hair well, please DAB , and apply the desired conditioner or mask.

Why dab? Simply to make the product absorb better!

Are conditioners or masks made up of oils and butters and what happens if we pour oil into a glass of water?

Floats, right?!?

This is why we must try to eliminate as much water as possible, to make the nutrients penetrate more. If you have very dry hair or hair with bleaching, you can do a scaling massage to make the product penetrate even better. To comb and leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. If you need a stronger treatment, you can leave it on for up to 20 minutes, better with a cap to create warmth. With heat, the scales open and this leads to greater absorption.

If you have short hair (within about 10cm in length) you can remedy the conditioner because, as previously written, the skin is able to nourish the hair up to about 7cm. But if you have short and dyed hair or with streaks or bleached then the story changes and I advise you to use a conditioner or a mask.

At the end of the exposure time, rinse thoroughly and thoroughly. If you can pass the length under cold water, you will close the scales and the hair will be much more shiny and full-bodied.

And now, before moving on to drying, let's clarify 2 terms, because, in my opinion, I misled you a little during the survey😜.

The "styling" products are those used pre-fold for example foam, volumizing sprays etc. etc. The "finish" products are used post-fold and it could be lacquer for example. Who knows if 38% of the participants who answered yes to the question understood it well 😊. Liquid crystals fall into both categories as they can be used pre and post fold.

Please, protect always the hair from the heat of the phone, if you do not use styling products, liquid crystals will come to your aid. You can also use concentrate of  aloe vera , or almond oil , or soak a teaspoon of flax seeds, you will see that they will create a kind of gel and can be applied to the hair. In case of curly hair you can pinch the hair with this gel, they will create a very nice effect but leaving all the naturalness that the hedgehog deserves! When you have finished your fold move the heat of the phone in cold and take one last pass. This will make the scales close, make the hair shinier and the style will last longer. You can use this technique even after using the straightener.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was useful to you.

In our shop you will find a wide range of both liquid and solid shampoos, we also have specific lines for various types of problems, for example, scalp with dandruff or oily, damaged and / or brittle hair and so on.

If you have doubts, questions, perplexities, curiosities or you need to understand which shampoo and / or conditioner is most suitable for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to make a consultation to help you find the most suitable product for your needs. 😊🌷

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