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Natural whitener active already at 30 ° C

The first natural whitener active at low temperatures.

It whitens and sanitizes at 30 ° C

Naturally whiten and stain your laundry… with BioBianco!

Do you want to know the three magical uses of the first natural whitener active at 30 ° C?

You can use it:

  • for your washing in the washing machine (added to detergent)
  • pre-treat stains
  • sanitize washing machine and dishwasher

Machine washes

For washing whites, add 1 scoop to the compartment together with the BeiPanni Verdevero detergent

For washing colored garments, add 1/2 scoop of BioBianco to the compartment together with the BeiPanni Verdevero detergent.

Pre-treatment for stains

You can proceed in three different ways, choose the one that is most comfortable and congenial to you.

1.Put a cream on the stain.

You can create a cream with warm water and BioBianco and rub the cream you have obtained directly on the stain, leave it to act for a few minutes and put the garment in the washing machine. I advise you to do a small test in an inconspicuous area of the garment before proceeding to treat the stain.

Preparation: Fill ¼ of a scoop with BioBianco and add water up to half the scoop. Apply this mix directly on the stain to be treated and rub it a few seconds before putting it in the washing machine.

2.Improve your clothes for 1 hour.

Fill a basin with 4 liters of warm water (around 30 °) and add:

  • 1 measuring cup of BioBianco for colored garments
  • 2 measuring spoons of BioBianco for whites

Put on your clothes and let the product work for an hour. Then proceed with the normal washing.

3. To extreme evils, extreme remedies.

Use this trick for extreme cases, such as when your child spills hot chocolate or a whole tub of ice cream on his shirt (both have happened to me).

Wet the garment to be treated, sprinkle it with BioBianco in the area to be treated and roll the garment on itself until you have a "sausage" in your hand. So rolled up put it to soak for a couple of hours.

After the two hours unroll it and proceed to the normal levaggio.


BioBianco has a sanitizing effect and I recommend it to carry out vacuum washing of washing machines and dishwashers to keep them clean and sanitized.

For the washing machine: once every two months, perform a vacuum wash at 90 degrees, pouring two measuring spoons of BioBianco directly into the detergent compartment and starting the wash.

For the dishwasher: once a month perform a vacuum wash at high temperature. Fill the detergent drawer and close the door.

Run the wash to get a sanitized and clean machine.


Sodium Carbonate Peroxide, Tetraacetylethylenediamine


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