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3-ply toilet paper - 250 sheets

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Double-butted roll Super soft and super strong Many more sheets than usual! 250!

Finally a sustainable solution: with 100% European recycled paper, rather than virgin resources. No trees and no plants were cut down to produce this card!

Completely free of chemicals

100% plastic-free packaging.

The Good Roll invests 50% of its net profit in building clean and free public toilets in various African countries.

Made in EU with European recycled paper

Material: European recycled paper, EU Eco-label

Packaging: Recycled paper wrap

Random packaging fantasy!

Did you know that?

There are 2.3 billion people around the world who don't have access to safe and clean sanitation, that's a third of the world's population !!

Every day 270,000 are cut down for the production of toilet paper !!

Choose recycled, choose conscious.