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CARROT toothpaste

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100% natural and artisanal cream toothpaste, the product formulation is safe and effective and does not contain aggressive additives such as peroxides.

Carrot extract stimulates the gums and increases saliva production , which helps reduce the presence of bacteria by acting as a natural cleanser. The minerals present in carrots protect the health of the teeth. With calcium carbonate particles, it cleans thoroughly, eliminating plaque and effectively protecting against tooth decay. The mouth remains fresh and clean. The essential oil of sweet orange, eucalyptus and tea tree will help fight bad breath and bacteria.

  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: apply with the Palettina supplied directly on the toothbrush. Do not immerse the toothbrush inside the jar, the product does not contain preservatives and therefore must not come into contact with water to avoid premature deterioration.
  • To be used for regular daily cleaning. Keeps mouth, teeth and gums healthy and prevents plaque build-up.

content 40ml


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