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Multipurpose Microfiber Cloth

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Do you want to clean the whole house with a single cloth and in an ecological way?

This microfiber cloth is for you!

The eco-friendly multipurpose cloth for cleaning the whole house

Have you ever spent hours cleaning a piece of furniture or an object for the home without getting the desired result?

The reason for the dissatisfaction is most likely due to the fact that the cloth and detergent used were not of good quality.

A product to capture dust residues and excess dirt is the microfiber cloth, a tool with fringes that can trap dirt much more effectively than a simple cotton cloth.

Thanks to the nanotechnological structure of the microfiber, the cloth is able to capture all the macro and micro infiltrations that are deposited on the objects inside and outside the home.

Compared to traditional rags, microfiber cloths act much faster and the quantities of product required to clean any object are significantly lower than using the classic cotton cloth, provided that the use of soap is necessary.

The advantages of Verdevero's multipurpose microfibre cloth

Changing your home routine and deciding to switch to Verdevero's multipurpose microfiber cloth can reserve the best choice for you and your home environment for a variety of reasons.

First of all, quality microfiber cloths must have a duration of at least 1-2 years without wearing out, thus favoring a saving of money, since they can be safely washed in the washing machine and continue to use them without any problem.

The microfiber fringes trap dirt, are able to capture large amounts of persistent grease that can be given by food, mud or motor oil.

In addition, this macrostructure captures dust and dirt will lower the quantities of detergents and water needed to clean the surfaces, while maintaining the constant intention to reduce waste and encourage green products, inherent in the Verdevero brand.

Precisely for this reason, another hallmark of a quality microfiber multipurpose cloth is that it can be used to remove dust residues without using any type of product or water.

To increase the quality of the product, these microfiber and multipurpose cloths have been designed not to make mold and not to smell, so as to guarantee a perfect clean and a greater resistance because you know, a moldy product ruins the surfaces and is not very inviting to use. .

The ability not to retain any bad odor allows the cloth to be used in a pleasant way and allowing the scented detergents used to infuse their essence on the treated surfaces and in the surrounding environments.

Where and how to use a microfiber cloth for home hygiene

Verdevero's ecological microfibre cloth is characterized by a fundamental quality; be multipurpose.

This means that it can be used on all surfaces ranging from wood, to glass, to metal without any risk of scratching or damaging the surfaces on which it was used.

In addition to cleaning the classic dirt caused by dust or the most stubborn dirt such as mud or engine grease, the multi-purpose microfiber cloth can also be used for the most extravagant functions such as cleaning the visa or removing make-up: try it!

The microfiber cloth can be used in two ways.

The first without the aid of any product; in this case it is recommended to use it on dusty surfaces or with slightly persistent dirt.

If, on the other hand, there is a challenge against cleanliness and hygiene, it is advisable to use a detergent suitable for the occasion and particularly degreasing.

Do you ever scrub for hours with no result?

And add and add detergent but that stain just doesn't want to go?

From now on you can stop wasting hours of elbow grease ...

... We have found a solution: the multi-purpose microfibre cloth!

A magical cloth with a nano-technological structure that cleans faster, with less effort and less detergent!

Why it's great:

The microfiber cloth is made up of millions of small fringes that trap dirt.
It cleans more as it has more "spaces" to collect dirt: In this graph you can see the difference between a normal cotton fiber and a magic cloth microfiber:

  • It lasts for years! In fact, the cloth is created with a synthetic material that almost never molds and does not smell.

I've had one in the house for a year (!!!) and it looks like new.

This is an environmental feature because it avoids the use of disposable cloths or paper handkerchiefs to be repurchased and then dispersed in the environment.

  • Use less detergent

Thanks to its macrostructures, it traps dust, dirt and grease in fewer passes and needs less detergent.

An example?

Remove the grease with a drop or even WITHOUT degreaser, simply add very hot water and pass on the stain.

  • Removes dust without products

Nothing to add here. You read that right, you pass and remove the dust. Goodbye chemical dust eater! Ehehe ...

  • It does not mold and does not smell

You know when you take those clothes after a month and they are so old they look like the inside of a cave full of moss?

Well with this cloth you can forget about mold forever!

Not moldy you will never smell musty or slimy from this cloth.
It will smell the same as the day you bought it!
(as long as you rinse it after use ahaha)

  • Perfect for glass (better than newspaper)

Many customers who have used this cloth have told us that it washes the windows without leaving streaks even better than the famous newspaper sheet.

Also ideal for washing machines without product, avoiding damaging the paint!

You can wash electronic surfaces without worries because you do not have to use product and it is not antistatic so it does not demagnetize TVs, computers, etc.

  • You can use one for cleaning and one for removing make-up

Also ideal for removing make-up without using products, being very smooth it is very delicate and does not create micro scratches on the skin.

Many customers call it "a caress on the skin"

How to take care of your cloth to make it last a long time.

If you take good care of your multi-purpose microfiber cloth it can last you years.

Remove hair, dust or dirt by soaking in water with a little detergent.

Always rinse it in cold water (hot water can damage the microfibres in the long run)
If you use a cloth to clean, do not use cotton cloths as the cotton gets trapped in the microfibres and compromises their effectiveness.
Do not use bleach or fabric softener as they damage the microfibres and decrease the life of the cloth.

Do not iron the cloth and as the heat can ruin the microfibers


You save because you buy one every 1/2 years.

Ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces without scratching them.

It is environmentally friendly because it makes you use less detergent and less water.

It doesn't favor consumerism because you only buy one a year.

It stays clean and does not mold.

You can use one to remove make-up and one to clean the house.

Size 40x40cm.


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