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Evosponge sponge for the home

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The super degreasing sponge with magic spheres

For a good cleaning of the house it is necessary to have good tools if you want to have a complete feeling of cleanliness on the surfaces of the house.

Having quality tools, and therefore effective as floor rags, vacuum cleaners and sponges for any need is important to have a clean home as each of us wants.

Some companies have decided to dedicate themselves to creating objects for the home that can make all spaces shine effectively with a few simple steps without wasting excess product.

Evosponge is a sponge designed to clean any type of stain and dirt from pots, pans and steel surfaces in your kitchen.

Its honeycomb net has been designed and developed to remove in a few steps the most stubborn dirt given by the grease and grease that can form when we cook. Especially in those places where dirt lurks more easily, such as the oven, there is a need for tools that can help us in deep cleaning.

What are the advantages of using a sponge with magic balls?

An effective dish sponge must be able to clean any type of stain in a few steps, making any treated surface shiny and flawless.

For good kitchen hygiene it is necessary to use good detergents and products, capable of absorbing and releasing the right quantities of product on the surfaces to be treated.

The materials that a sponge like Evosponge is able to clean, degrease and shine are glass, ceramic, terracotta, plastic, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, the aquarium for fish; therefore all materials that can potentially show stubborn stains and difficult to remove.

But not only that, this sponge can also be used to clean all the other spaces in the house, such as the bathroom: Evosponge is in fact excellent for cleaning all the bathroom fixtures in your room, giving them a new shine and a new brilliance, without wasting the product. in excess.

A good microfiber sponge must be developed with quality materials, so it must be able to remove dirt in a few steps without wasting detergent and above all that it is able to last over time.

In fact, with the classic sponges, even if at first sight they are of good quality, just a few uses are enough to establish whether the purchased product is valid or not.

Evosponge is a sponge for the home designed with a quality microfiber material with the aim of lasting as long as possible compared to traditional kitchen sponges.

The spheres on one of the surfaces of the sponge have been designed to release the right amount of detergent on the most difficult encrustations, once the right pressure is applied to the dirt spot.

In a few simple steps, any type of stain, even the most stubborn dirt, will go away in the blink of an eye and without risking damaging the treated surfaces.

This microfiber sponge is able to clean and clean any type of surface without the need to spend so much time cleaning the kitchen and home.

How to use the Evosponge magic ball sponge

The Verdevero Evosponge sponge can be used every time there is an encrusted surface of any type.

To use it correctly, just put a quantity of dish and household detergent on the sponge and wash the surface you want to treat.

Rub the surface until the encrustation or the dirt surface is completely eliminated but taking care not to damage the treated surfaces.


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