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Coccoon Body Gift Box

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A super minimal Gift Box with all you need for body care.

The box contains:





SOAP : By touching the solid block once with wet hands, a soft cream is formed, ideal for hands , face (also as a make- up remover ), body (as shower gel ), intimate hygiene and beard (as soap for beard ).

Used as a shampoo , we recommend massaging the solid stick directly into wet hair 1-2 times from roots to ends, rubbing the hair and scalp with the soft foam before the final rinse.

Results: vital, clean, light and healthy hair. As a toothpaste , after rubbing the moistened toothbrush 1-2 times on the solid stick, brush your teeth as usual and rinse with plenty of water.

DEODORANT: Long-lasting and without added fragrances, the Coccoon solid deodorant works at home and on the road, even in stressful situations, effectively neutralizing unpleasant odors in armpits, feet and private parts (including children) . For use, it is advisable to massage the solid block 1-2 times directly on the areas of interest previously cleansed with Coccoon solid soap or by spreading a small amount collected on the fingers with a light friction on the block. Use is also indicated after hair removal. If necessary, the application can be repeated several times without contraindications. It does not stain clothes , does not contain aluminum salts or bicarbonate, and allows the skin to breathe naturally. Results: fresh and natural skin .


It is recommended, after use, to store the product in a dry, breathable environment to avoid loss of consistency. The ideal at home and on the go is the solid door Coccoon, 100% aluminum, resistant water-based and custom designed, with a central hole and a relief, essential to guarantee aeration and drainage.


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