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Grinta, multipurpose degreaser

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Be amazed by its powerful natural formula. Cleans, degreases and peels without rubbing!

The Multipurpose Ecological Degreaser
The formula of Grinta, Verdevero's ecological multipurpose degreaser, makes it a precious ally for thoroughly cleaning all types of surfaces and more.

Thanks to this totally ecological detergent you can get rid of the most stubborn dirt, with the peace of mind of relying on a safe product that preserves the health and safety of your family.

You can use Grinta ecological degreaser in the kitchen, where the most resistant dirt lurks and where there is a need to use products with high degreasing power.

Use it to clean the oven and worktops, but also for the extractor hood and kitchen utensils: with Grinta you can rest assured, its ecological formula makes it suitable for all surfaces and guarantees a degreasing power that will leave your clean and fragrant kitchen.

But don't limit yourself to use in the kitchen! Grinta is also suitable for fabrics: as well as a degreaser it is also a natural detergent able to pre-treat the most stubborn stains that would not be scratched by a simple passage in the washing machine.

By letting Grinta Degreaser act before washing on the most stubborn stains, you will notice how its strength is remarkable even with laundry and not just in cleaning surfaces.

Why use an ecological degreaser?
Health and safety are the most important reasons that will lead you to choose an ecological degreaser like Grinta over many other products on the market.

Verdevero always cares about the quality and safety of the ecological detergents we market, subjecting each product to a careful analysis of the ingredients.

Using an ecological degreaser is essential because we are talking about a type of product that is used a lot in the kitchen, an environment closely in contact with what we eat every day.

The fundamental advantage of a natural detergent like this is that it does not leave chemical residues on the surfaces where we treat the food but even more importantly on the plates, cutlery and glasses that we use every day.

Furthermore, an ecological degreaser such as Grinta is also delicate for the most sensitive skins: laboratory tests carried out independently have shown how this type of detergent is totally hypoallergenic, therefore totally safe even for the little ones or for pets.

Then an ecological degreaser has the advantage of respecting nature: when we use chemical detergents all the residues of our washing end up first in the pipes and then risk contaminating the aquifers until they get to pollute our seas.

By using natural products such as the Grinta degreaser, you will combine safety for your family with attention to the environment, a factor that must involve all of us, without exception.

What is an ecological degreaser like Grinta made of?
No secrets and no subterfuge: with Verdevero you always know what our natural detergents are made from!

The ecological degreaser Grinta is composed of these ingredients, which make it natural and safe for you and the environment:

Caprylyl / Capryl Glucoside
PotassiumRapeseedate *
Potassium Olivate *
Lactic Acid
* With this asterisk we have indicated the compound surfactants based on oils from organic farming, therefore the product does not contain any allergens!

Where and how to use Grinta Ecological Degreaser
We are talking about a degreaser so Grinta gives its best obviously in the kitchen!

In fact it is particularly suitable for quickly removing the fat that forms when cooking food and you can use it for cleaning the oven, but also for degreasing and removing the grease from the hob or the worktop and to remove stubborn dirt on the grill and on the extractor hood.

But this natural degreaser is not limited to being the champion of cleaning in the kitchen. Also use it for cleaning in the garage, in the bathroom and for cleaning floors: Grinta will also be a trusted ally to remove stains from fabrics when you want to use it to pre-treat the most difficult stains.

To make the most of Grinta's degreasing qualities, apply it to the surface or fabric you want to clean: let it act for a few minutes and then move on to the classic rinsing cleaning.

The result is guaranteed, both in terms of cleanliness and safety!

Directions for use for GRINTA ecological detergent DEGREASER
Suitable for cleaning ovens, hoods, worktops, kitchen equipment and in all cases where an energetic detergent action is required.

Spray the degreaser on the surface to be treated, let it act for a few seconds, then wipe with a clean cloth.

You can also use it as a stain remover for fabrics: spray a little on the stain, rub lightly and leave it on for a few minutes. Then move on to washing in the washing machine or by hand.

INCI - Ingredients
Aqua (Water), AlcoholDenat., Caprylyl / Capryl Glucoside, PotassiumRapeseedate *, TrisodiumDicarboxymethylAlaninate, Potassium Olivate *, Lactic Acid. * Surfactants based on organic farming oils

* The product does not contain any allergens

Inf. 5%: Non ionic surfactants, Soaps.


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