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LemonTrì Descaler 3in 1

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LemonTrì: Descaler, softener, descaler 3 in 1

He is a magician like:

Bathroom descaler

Descaling kettles

Softener for washing machines

Bathroom descaler

Use it to remove limescale from the bathroom and from all areas where it settles (do not use on wood, on natural stones such as marble, on hot surfaces and metals such as gold, silver and aluminum).

Pour a few drops of product directly on the surface to be cleaned, leave it to act for a few moments and rub with a damp cloth. Rinse and dry.

Descaling kettles and coffee machines .

Once a month use it to remove limescale from:

Kettle . Pour 120ml of Lemontrì into the kettle (3 scoops), fill it with water and bring the water to a boil. Let the water cool and empty the kettle. Rinse it with plenty of water. If necessary, rub the areas that can be reached with a damp cloth.

Coffee machine . Pour 120ml of Lemontrì into the water tray (3 scoops), add 120ml of water and run the machine empty until the solution you prepared in the tray runs out. Add 200 / 250ml of water to the water tank of the machine and run it empty to rinse it.

Softener for washing machines

Limescale causes the hardness and roughness of your garments at the end of the wash. Soften your garments by removing the limescale that makes them rough.

Use it at each wash by pouring it into the central compartment of your washing machine (the one you usually use for fabric softener).

Recommended doses for 5kg of laundry:

Fresh and medium water 80ml - 2 scoops
Hard water 120ml - 3 scoops

Once Lemontrì is finished, do not throw away the bottle and start saving.

With the practical 450-gram powder refill pack you can make another 6 bottles of Lemontrì at home ready to use.

500ml bottle

Jar of 500gr = 6 LemonTrì bottles of 500ml


Aqua, citric acid, hydroxypropylcellulose, lemon scent


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