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Organic Aloe Vera oil

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The Aloe Vera oil is rich in phytochemicals. This oil has powerful anti-inflammatory, healing and antimicrobial effects.
It also contains growth stimulating compounds, such as glucomannans. They stimulate the synthesis of collagen and other factors involved in skin repair and hair growth. Since aloe vera is rich in vitamins and minerals, its oil can also rejuvenate the skin and hair cells.
Aloe vera oil moisturizes and protects the skin. It can increase hair growth and nourish dry, flaky scalp when used regularly.

Benefits for face and skin

Treats Skin Problems

The benefits for the skin that this product brings are numerous. It is also known for treating various infections on the skin.
Aloe vera contains mucopolysaccharides that trap and bind moisture in the skin. The application of cream, lotion or oil based on aloe vera gel improves the integrity of sensitive and dry skin.
Furthermore, this product stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers, making the skin more elastic, plumped, softer and younger.

Provides Antioxidants

The high levels of antioxidants in aloe vera oil they are perfect for good skin health and to prevent aging.
It also protects the skin from solar radiation.
It can also heal burns and scars.

To Treat Acne

This oil has all the properties to cure minor problems like acne. It can be applied to the desired spot and the result is guaranteed.

The benefits for scalp and hair:

For hair health

Using this oil with a carrier oil for a hair massage will help in the prevention and treatment of hair loss, which is a fairly common problem nowadays. By doing this you will get thick, long and strong hair.
You can also treat dry hair strands and scalp with a blend consisting of this oil and jojoba oil.

For balance and dryness of the pH of the scalp

This product not only maintains the PH balance of the scalp, but also ensures that excessive drying does not lead to repetitive dandruff problems.

For Hair Regrowth

Aloe oil is an excellent agent for promoting new hair growth. Even if you have baldness caused by previous chemical or drug treatments, this product can stimulate the hair follicles.
It also nourishes the hair strands to prevent hair breakage, split ends and frizz.

For Anti-dandruff Treatment

If you suffer from flaking, itchy scalp caused by dandruff, aloe vera oil along with coconut oil work wonders.
The antibacterial and antifungal properties of Aloe Vera oil help reduce the multiplication of yeast on the scalp.
It also reduces excess sebum and maintains the balance of the scalp.

It is always good to have it on hand.

60ml bottle


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