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Organic SWEET ALMOND oil

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Sweet Almond Oil is an ally for skin and hair, Useful for pregnant women, suitable for children, excellent for massages, does not alter the natural hydrolipidic balance and contributes to the cellular renewal of tissues. It possesses one of the highest percentages of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats , which give the plant its well known eudermic properties .

The presence of vitamin E and B , amino acids, carbohydrates and mineral salts make it an excellent remedy to combat skin aging and contribute to cell renewal of fabrics.

- AND' recommended in all cases where the skin is dry and dehydrated, sweet almond oil should be applied with a light massage preferably after the bath (when the skin is still damp) to ensure that the oil molecules emulsify with those of the water, facilitating its absorption. The emollient and soothing action makes it very suitable for treating dry and irritated skin, and to relieve itching in case of measles, chicken pox and eczema.

- Against the stretch marks , especially those due to pregnancy: from the 3rd month onwards it is recommended to apply it daily on the abdomen, breasts, hips and thighs until the end of breastfeeding. Thanks to elasticizing properties prevents the dermis from tearing, causing unsightly cracks or streaks on the skin of pregnant women. For this reason it is also indicated during slimming diets to prevent skin sagging following weight loss.

- Its nourishing action also sees it as a protagonist in the treatment of very dry, frizzy hair, damaged by the sun and salt . A 20-30 minute pack on dry hair, before shampooing, will restore softness to the hair. It can also be used on the beach instead of the gel, to have the so-called "wet effect"; in this way the hair is protected from the drying action of the sun and salt.

- The oil can also be mixed with a few drops of essential oils, to obtain a personalized massage oil very pleasant and nourishing for the skin of the body. In this way it also acquires the therapeutic properties of the essential oil that is used (for example for joint pain , for massage ai muscles of sportsmen, etc.).

- Its use is very suitable for protecting the delicate and sensitive skin of children, always exposed to redness, chapping and irritation.

- Sweet almond oil is an excellent alternative to cleansing milk , able to perfectly remove all the impurities that are deposited every day on the skin without altering the natural hydrolipidic balance in the least: a few drops on a sponge (also our Konjack) allow you to remove the most stubborn make-up.

60ml bottle


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