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100% Pure Castor Oil

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100% pure castor oil, obtained by cold pressing, has multiple uses in cosmetics: it strengthens hair, eyelashes, eyebrows. Plus you can mix it with other cosmetics to enhance its effects


Pure Castor oil is of very ancient use, and is mentioned in the Ebers Papyri, one of the first written records of the medicinal use of plants by man. Its use as an emollient is known especially in case of dry, cracked or cracked skin.

Particularly indicated to strengthen hair with perm or to soften corns and calluses.

Often traditionally used as a warm application to relieve back pain, menstrual pain, mastitis.

It is rarely used pure and more often it is mixed with other fatty oils.

Extraction method:

Pure castor oil is obtained by cold extraction from the seeds of Ricinus communis L.

110ml bottle

Some more information:

It consists of glycerides of ricinoleic, iso-ricinoleic acids and minor quantities of stearic, linoleic and dehydroxystearic.


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