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Microfiber Cloth for Glasses

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Clean the windows in one pass and with a single drop of detergent? YOU CAN

Why choose to use a microfiber cloth?

Choosing to use a microfiber cloth means using a tool to clean your home much more effectively and optimizing the cleaning time of any surface.

The use of paper-cloth, napkins or classic yellow-green colored sponges or colored ones has shown that over time it is not an extremely effective choice either as regards the effectiveness of cleaning the house or as regards respect of the environment.

A quality microfiber cloth can be used on any surface even without the use of any chemical additive, ensuring the removal of dust and dirt from both rough and smooth surfaces.

What are the advantages of a microfiber window cloth?

Have you ever heard the trick that teaches you to wash windows with newsprint?

Today it is possible to wash any glass surface in an ecological and effective way, capable of cleaning any type of glass processing.

Try to think of frosted glass, a process used to make shower stalls; its translucent and not very transparent feature makes it difficult to understand when the surface has been treated correctly.

With the right microfiber cloth, designed to remove any residue from all processes and types of glass, it will make it much easier to make any surface flawless, without any residue of dirt, halo or grain of dust.

If you want, a microfiber cloth for glass can also be used without any chemical additive, so as not to damage the glass surfaces, which as you know over the years tend to deteriorate and the surfaces tend to fade and become opaque.

However, a microfiber cloth for windows can also be excellent for washing the most encrusted dirt such as that which can form on the front windows of cars, which tend to accumulate dust and many other residues when they run.

With a few and effective steps, a good microfiber cloth together with the right ecological product can be excellent for cleaning any glass surface.

Because a microfiber cloth is more effective and closer to the environment

First of all, a specific microfibre cloth for glass surfaces has been specially designed to optimize the cleaning of objects made with this specific material and eliminate the most stubborn dirt on the simple dusty surface.

The Verdevero microfibre cloth for glass has been designed to reduce the amount of detergent needed to treat any type of stain that may be deposited on a glass surface.

The treated glass will be back in a few simple steps clean and shiny, as if it had just come out of the shop of origin.

Microfiber cloths are also characterized by being much more durable than other cloths, creating less waste given the possibility of washing them by hand or in the washing machine and being able to reuse them over and over again.

In particular, this microfiber cloth for windows has been designed not only to use a smaller quantity of detergent, thus reducing the chemical waste that can be dispersed in the environment, but to have greater effectiveness in absorbing dirt residues.

Its dimensions of 40 × 40 cm make it an easy-to-use product thanks to its large dimensions and more durable before the natural need to have it washed in the washing machine.

The Verdevero microfiber cloth is characterized by being a reusable and therefore recyclable product: its possibility of being reused will make it a product:

  • with a lower environmental impact
  • encourages the reduction of waste of absorbent paper or traditional sponges
  • easy and effective to use
  • economic
  • quick to use


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