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Sodium Percarbonate 1kg

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1Kg Whitening Percarbonate - Whitens and sanitizes your clothes

Whiten and sanitize your clothes.

Naturally stains and pre-treated.

Percarbonate to whiten laundry

Add two tablespoons of percarbonate to the compartment with the laundry detergent, or directly into the drum of the washing machine. Wash from 50 degrees upwards.

Hand percarbonate on stains

Spread a small amount of percarbonate directly on the stain, moisten with warm water and let it act for 10 minutes. Then proceed with normal washing.

Percarbonate in the dishwasher

You can also use half a teaspoon in addition to the dishwasher powder, to sanitize the dishes and make the inside of the machine clean and shiny.

Inci - Ingredients

SODIUM PERCARBONATE CAS number: 15630-89-4 EC No: 239-707-6


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