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Solid Coconut Soap

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Coccoon solid coconut soap is unique and unlike any other bar of soap.

Its special formulation, very rich in Coccoon coconut oil (60%) and free of added flavorings or other possible additives, is the secret that makes this solid 80 g block, marketed in original 100% biodegradable packaging, an unprecedented soap. delicate (certified for sensitive skin), multifunctional, light, effective and long lasting.

Coccoon solid soap is handcrafted in small batches by Loliettoo® with an exclusive and essential formulation based on the unique qualities of Coccoon coconut oil.

The high quantity of pure and raw oil reacts in the saponification process giving rise to an unprecedented solid block, characterized by the abundance of glycerin which gives it emollient, soothing and nourishing properties , making it a delicate and safe soap even for the most skins. sensitive (eg. of children).


Long-lasting multifunctional cleanser, Coccoon solid soap is a precious beauty ritual to use at home and on the go.

By touching the solid block once with wet hands, a soft cream is formed, ideal for hands , face (also as a make- up remover ), body (as a shower gel ), intimate hygiene and beard (as a shaving soap ) .

Used as a shampoo , we recommend massaging the solid stick directly into wet hair 1-2 times from roots to ends, rubbing the hair and scalp with the soft foam before the final rinse.

Results: vital, clean, light and healthy hair. As a toothpaste , after rubbing the moistened toothbrush 1-2 times on the solid stick, brush your teeth as usual and rinse with plenty of water.


It is recommended, after use, to store the product in a dry, breathable environment to avoid loss of consistency. The ideal at home and on the go is the solid door Coccoon, 100% aluminum, resistant water-based and custom designed, with a central hole and a relief, essential to guarantee aeration and drainage.

INGREDIENTS: Cocos nucifera oil * , Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide **

* 60% Coccoon coconut oil

** no trace in the soap after saponification


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