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Solara Pretreatment Stain Remover

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Solara Ecological Sanitizing Stain Remover with 3% hydrogen peroxide (concentration of 20% w / w), in line with what is indicated by Ministry of Health , that's what you need, it has a thousand functions! It is a multipurpose product because:

  • can be sprayed as a clothes spray before washing to remove stubborn and colored stains from your clothes , such as tomato sauce, dirt on collars and cuffs, wine stains and so on;
  • if you are an environmentally conscious super mom, we especially recommend it to pre-treat sanitary pads and washable nappies , especially those that cannot be washed at high temperatures;
  • in the house , it is suitable for deep cleaning and hygiene of washable hard surfaces , such as sinks, bathroom fixtures and hobs;
  • if you don't know how to eliminate mold from joints in bathroom tiles, shower stalls and walls (only on white walls and first trying in a hidden corner) the Solara Sanitizing Stain Remover is an indispensable ally!
  • is also indicated to clean and sanitize the refrigerator or freezer, the garbage can , and all those surfaces that get dirty frequently but must be kept perfectly sanitized.

The Ecological Sanitizing Stain Remover for all surfaces is part of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of the "Coronavirus" bonus, which entitles you to a tax credit for expenses incurred for the purchase of devices for the protection of workplaces.

Format: 750ml

ICEA Eco DetergenzaBio SostenibileVeganMade In Italy


Apply directly to the stain and rub, if needed, leaving it to act for a few seconds. Before the product evaporates and the garment dries, wash as usual.
On the other surfaces, spray, wait a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.
Don't be frightened if your fingers tend to whiten during use. It is a slight reaction that disappears in a few minutes but, if you want to avoid it, we recommend the use of gloves.
Be careful to avoid using the Stain Remover on garments that contain metal parts but also on marble or stones and all surfaces on which the use of acidic substances is not recommended.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua , Hydrogen Peroxide , Coco-glucoside , Sodium Cocoyl Sulfate , Citric Acid , Canolamidopropyl Betaine ** , Etidronic Acid .

** from Italian brassica oil


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