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Smacchietta 200gr - Natural vegetable soap. Very gentle on the skin.
Biodegradable. Very gentle on the skin. 100% cruelty free.

With it you can wash clothes and remove even the most stubborn stains, dishes, tiles of any kind and it can be grated to create powder detergent for the washing machine!

The vegetable and natural soap for cleaning your clothes
Using a natural and vegetable soap can really make a difference in everyday cleaning, as well as in personal hygiene even in that of your laundry.

For this Smacchietta di Verdevero, 100% cruelty free and biodegradable soap, is the best solution.

Thanks to its composition, a vegetable soap is much more suitable for all types of fabrics but also for your skin, being able to deeply clean the fibers but in an absolutely delicate way, leaving the skin of the hands moisturized without causing irritation.

So those with sensitive skin, or perhaps the little ones who need something non-aggressive for their daily cleaning, find significant benefits in the continuous use of natural soaps, even for washing their clothes.

But why are these soaps called vegetable? The answer is very simple and lies in their composition: these natural detergents are produced with ingredients of plant origin and suitable for cleaning.

And why are they considered natural? Of course, their composition only with vegetable oils helps to define them this way, but that's not the only reason. A natural soap is also a detergent that respects the environment, managing to be biodegradable, thus leaving no waste that is difficult to dispose of after normal use.

In addition, a soap like Smacchietta is 100% cruelty free, so we are sure that there are no slaughtering waste in the saponification process or in its composition and that laboratory tests are also carried out in total respect of the animals.

What are the advantages of relying on a natural and vegetable soap?
The strengths of a vegetable and natural soap like Smacchietta are evident for those who use it constantly, but explaining them to those who have never tried them is just as simple.

The properties of these cleansers are naturally suitable for nourishment and skin care: being produced with vegetable oils such as coconut oil or olive oil, they can be beneficial in daily use for those suffering from dry, cracked skin. , or irritated by low temperatures or other external agents.

But their strength is also in the detergent power that they can release: a natural soap is also absolutely suitable for laundry, perhaps to pre-treat delicate garments that have stains that are difficult to remove.

Natural soap is also an excellent base for the production of your household detergents: we can really use it as a high quality raw material capable of giving an edge to all the do-it-yourself detergents we prepare to respect the environment. and the safety of our family.

We can therefore use it in flakes in our self-production by grating a part of vegetable soap to always have the best possible detergent for our home.

Furthermore Smacchietta is a 100% vegan product, because it respects animals by not using them in production or in the laboratory test phase!

The composition of a natural and vegetable soap such as Smacchietta
By its nature, a vegetable soap is obtained by reacting natural oils such as coconut or olive oil with caustic soda, necessary to give the soap its solid shape.

Smacchietta di Verdevero also uses coconut and olive oil but also a small part of citric acid, the one contained in lemon, to make the pH of the soap neutral on the skin.

Its composition and cold processing give it the softness and moisturizing properties that a natural soap like this can boast of compared to all industrial soaps that in the long run dry the skin and cause annoying irritation.

The complete composition of Smacchietta is therefore:

cocos nucifera oil
sodium hydroxide
potassium hydroxide
olea europaea fruit oil
citric acid
sodium phytate

How to use Smacchietta for home hygiene
The ideal way to use Smacchietta vegetable soap is to rub it into your clothes to pre-treat the most stubborn stains. Then just do a normal washing in the washing machine to see the stains disappear from your clothes.

But you can also use it for house cleaning: just rub a sponge or a rag with our natural soap and then moisten it, at this point rub the surfaces to be degreased and cleaned to get the most out of all the properties of this fantastic product!

With Smacchietta you can clean surfaces of various types such as tiles, marble and you can degrease the kitchen worktops!

Directions for use for natural vegetable soap
Household hygiene: rub a sponge with natural soap and moisten it to degrease surfaces, tiles, bathroom and marble.

Wash garments by hand or to pre-treat stubborn stains.

Natural soap for self-production: if you are used to self-produce detergents, grate the natural soap and you will have ready-to-use flakes.

Inci - Ingredients
cocos nucifera oil *, aqua, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, olea europaea fruit oil *, citric acid, sodium phitate

* organic ingredients


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