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Stovì dishwasher detergent

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Clean and shiny dishes and dishes. Deeply degreases dirt in harmony with nature!

Why an ecological dishwasher detergent?
An ecological detergent is important in all areas of household cleaning, but that for dishwashers is essential, because our cutlery, our plates and our glasses are the ones that come into closest contact with the body.

It is therefore absolutely recommended to use natural products for personal care and well-being but also ecological to respect the environment!

Stovì di Verdevero is the best choice when we want to entrust our dishes to a natural product that respects us and the environment around us.

Did you know that many industrial dishwasher detergents can leave residues on plates, glasses and cutlery? And did you know that these small and invisible residues can be harmful to our body in the long run?

With Stovì Ecological Detergent for dishwashers this problem is overcome!

Thanks to its natural composition, it is ideal for thoroughly cleaning your dishes while at the same time managing to cleanse and degrease easily even the most stubborn dirt.

It does not leave that patina that can often be deposited on plates, cutlery and glasses.

A bio detergent for dishwashers also has the undeniable advantage of also being very respectful for the environment: after all, when the dishwasher is running, all the water that is used for washing ends up in the drain.

If we use a non-natural product, we risk releasing chemical residues into the environment and aquifers that are not bio-degradable.

Thanks to Stovì, on the other hand, we have the peace of mind and security of using a product that respects the environment thanks to its totally natural composition.

How is Stovì composed?
The ecological detergent for dishwashers Stovì di Verdevero contains only natural salts and vegetable surfactants, that is, those that materially help to defeat the most difficult dirt from your dishes.

The proof of the biological nature of this detergent is in its lack of drying substances, which instead are often found in industrial detergents that rely on chemicals that are often harmful or aggressive to perform this function.

In fact, plates, glasses, cutlery, cups and mugs must be left to drain for at least an hour after washing: a very small price in terms of time to pay, but which demonstrates how Stovì is a completely natural and environmentally friendly product. .

All the ingredients of Stovì for dishwashers exploit their natural properties, to always give an optimal result and leave dishes clean and fragrant on any occasion, even when we cook and consume foods with strong smells such as fish.

Stovì detergent does not contain allergens, so it is also suitable for those who want to rely on a delicate product when cleaning their dishes.

Test Stovì!
An ecological detergent for dishwashers is used like any detergent in the moment of actual cleaning and Stovì di Verdevero is no exception to this rule!

Stovì detergent is very concentrated, so you just need to pour it into the special tray of your dishwasher, paying attention to the dosage.

For dirty dishes 20 ml of product will be enough while for the most stubborn dirt it will take 30 ml of concentrated detergent: with a single bottle of Stovì you can therefore do between 25 and 40 washes, always depending on what you cook and how dirty the dishes are. your dishes.

Once the wash is finished, simply open the door of your dishwasher and let the steam escape, in order to cool and dry your dishes.

Advice for use
Pour the product into the special tray and start the desired washing program. The product is very concentrated, do not exceed in use.

It is very important that the dishwasher salt pan is always well stocked.

After washing in the dishwasher, it is good practice to open the door to let the water vapor present in the machine escape and thus facilitate drying.

The product contains only natural salts and vegetable surfactants, it does not contain "drying" substances. We therefore recommend that you leave the dishes, pots and plates to drain inside the machine for at least one hour.

Did you know that the self-dryers contained in traditional detergents and rinse aids leave a deposit on the surfaces of your dishes? Try it: touch a cup with your tongue after washing with traditional detergent and after using the Verdevero dishwasher. Feel the difference?

20 ml
30 ml


INCI - Ingredients
Aqua, SodiumDisilicate, TrisodiumDicarboxymethylAlaninate, Glycerin, PotassiumHydroxide, TetrasodiumEtidronate, DisodiumEthylhexylIminodipropionate, Lauryl / Myristyl Glucoside, XanthanGum, Protease, Amylase.

* The product does not contain any allergens

Chemical composition (Reg. 648/2004).
Less than 5% Non Ionic Surfactants, Amphoteric Surfactants, Phosphonates. Other Components: Enzymes (Amylase, Protease).


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