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Facial tonic BLUE POTION

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Facial tonic that carries out an antibacterial, astringent, toning, disinfectant and soothing action, a valid defense against inflammatory and eruptive conditions of the skin.

Its intense purifying power makes it suitable for oily skin that also needs to be toned and stimulated.

Thanks to its specific properties, it is the ideal ally in the treatment of acne, anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic action, but not only that, it helps to soothe the skin that tends to be irritated and chapped. Myrtle is very similar to the properties of mallow but with some additional benefits, in fact, it has deodorant properties given by the antiseptic action against the bacteria involved in the production of bad odors of the skin, improving the bacterial flora.

How to use : Apply the toner to perfectly cleansed and cleansed skin as a conclusion to skin care. On still wet skin you can apply a few drops of your favorite oil or butter to nourish and hydrate the skin in an optimal way for greater absorption, vaporize again.

Inci: Myrtus communis water *

* 100% Organic

content 60ml


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