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Usamix, multipurpose detergent

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Multi-purpose ecological cleaner with active oxygen.
You pass it and everything shines!

Extra cleaning power for a healthy home that smells of nature!

An eco-friendly multipurpose detergent
Have you ever thought that you have too many detergents lying around the house?

Considering that every surface needs its specific detergent, surely at least once you have thought about how nice it would be to have just one product suitable for cleaning the whole house effectively and efficiently.

Not to mention the fact that most household cleaners are all of synthetic origin and the residues thrown down the drain mostly end up in the seas and the environment.

In addition, the chemical origin of these detergents risks causing irritation to the skin and respiratory tract caused by the strong chemical odor.

From now on you can do without buying dozens and dozens of detergents and clean your home effectively and efficiently using a single product designed also with respect for nature.

Usamix, an ecological detergent for all uses
This multi-purpose eco-friendly cleaner can clean virtually any corner of the house in just a few simple steps.

Finally you can throw away most of the detergents you have at home and use only one multipurpose detergent, totally made with ecological and natural products.

The extra cleaning power of this ecological detergent is designed for all people who do not have much time to dedicate to cleaning the house and do not like to mix too many products to sanitize the same environment.

Usamix is ​​an odorless and hypoallergenic household product, capable of effectively cleaning and shining different surfaces and materials, without leaving any trace of halos or product residues unpleasant to the eye.

But not only that, this detergent can also be used to sanitize washing machines and dishwashers, seeing is believing!

The benefits of an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner
Usamix ecological detergent is suitable for cleaning sanitary ware, taps, chrome, shower cubicles, tiled surfaces, stainless steel and is able to prevent limescale if used regularly.

Therefore, Usamix can be used to clean a multitude of spaces and also has the power to sanitize appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.

Being a natural product, it is perfectly tolerated by the most delicate skins and by our four-legged friends and you can decide whether to keep the product totally odorless or choose from four natural fragrances available (citrus, toning, mint or lavender).

The composition of an ecological detergent such as USAMIX
All Verdevero products are created with the aim of making the treated surfaces shine to the best of their ability, always respecting the environment and those around us.

Usamix is ​​made with the following ingredients:

Sulfuric acid mono-C8-10-alkylester sodium salts
Hydrogen peroxide
lactic acid
etidronic acid
* The product does not contain any allergens

Chemical composition less than 5% as per Reg. 648/2004:

Anionic surfactants;
Non-ionic surfactants;
Oxygen based whiteners;
How to use an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner for cleaning your home
A multipurpose cleaner, depending on the surfaces to be treated, must be used in a different way.

As for cleaning the bathroom sink, for example, just spray the pure product directly on the surface, let it act for a few seconds and then rinse with a damp cloth.

If, on the other hand, the intention is to clean large surfaces, just pour 10 ml of product into 10 liters of water and clean the desired area, without any need to rinse.

Finally, if you want to sanitize both the washing machine and the dishwasher, it is advisable to use Usamix once a month by putting 20/40 ml (2-4 tablespoons) of product in the detergent compartment and start a wash of at least 50 ° temperature.

Strongly not recommended on wood, parquet, marble and natural stone surfaces.

Directions for use for the ecological detergent USAMIX MULTIPURPOSE
Product suitable for cleaning sanitary ware, taps, chrome, shower cubicles, tiled surfaces, stainless steel. If used regularly, it avoids the formation of limestone.

You can use the pure product directly on the surfaces to be cleaned. Pour it in and let it sit for a few seconds. Then wipe with a damp sponge and rinse.

For large surfaces you can use the universal detergent, diluting 10 ml of product in 10 liters of water. There is no need to rinse.

Do not use on marble or other natural stones. Also not recommended on wood and parquet.

The product can also be used as a sanitizer or whitener in the washing machine: pour 40 ml of product into the bleach tray.

Our advice is to use Verdevero universal detergent, as a sanitizer for dishwashers and washing machines, as often as you deem appropriate: according to our experience it would be ideal to use it once a month, pouring 20 / 40ml (about 2 - 4 tablespoons) of product depending on of the dirt and flow rate of the washing machine in the detergent compartment and by washing at least 50 ° C.

150ml bottle

750ml bottle

INCI - Ingredients
Aqua (Water), AlcoholDenat., Caprylyl / Capryl Glucoside, Lactic Acid, HydrogenPeroxide, Sodium C8-C10 AlkylSulfate, DisodiumEtidronate.

* The product does not contain any allergens

Chemical composition (Reg. 648/2004).
Inf. 5%: Anionic Surfactants, Non-Ionic Surfactants, Oxygen-based Whiteners, Phosphonates.


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