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WiCtor, the ecological gel cleaner for toilets by Verdevero.

VerdeVero has found a way to combine all the strength of citric acid in a scaling product that has nothing to envy to the old petrochemical, smelly and polluting toilet descalers.

To make this product, the company had to go against some cornerstones:

  1. No perfume in detergents
  2. No dyes in detergents

This was done for product safety concerns.

In fact, WiCtor has a particular use: it is poured into the toilet, left to act all night and rinsed simply by flushing the toilet.

The characteristic purple color and the mentholated scent have the purpose of signaling the product present in the toilet.

The reason for this choice is because Wictor acts alone: you just need to pour it through its practical spout designed specifically to reach every hidden part of the edge of the toilet and let it act for a few hours, even overnight.

The color and scent have the function of alerting people that there is a cleaning product inside the toilet. In short, a question of safety.

content 500ml duration 2-4 months


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