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Absorbent Day washable

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Choose ecological and 100% made in Italy solutions for your menstrual cycle.

Mamipad washable day absorbent is a practical and safe solution for your menstrual cycle.
Made of hypoallergenic and resistant materials, it avoids irritation, sweat and discomfort.
Available in multiple colors and easily washable, it allows you to save money every month and produce less waste.

Technical features

Day washable absorbent
Made in Italy
Daily protection
Reusable for medium flow
25.5 cm long

Mamipad consists of:

  • 1 layer of certified bamboo that is delicate in contact with the skin.
  • 2 layer of hyper-absorbent microfiber in the internal padding.
  • 1 outer layer in safe and waterproof PUL.

The Mamipads are made of Oeko-tex certified Italian bamboo.
Bamboo is ecological, as it is grown without pesticides and has almost zero environmental impact. Very soft on the skin and naturally antibacterial, it guarantees excellent absorbency.
The external part, not in contact with the skin, is in PUL (laminated polyurethane). A waterproof, stain-proof sanitary pad material.

How to use?

It's very simple: fix the Mamipad pad to your briefs by folding the flaps and closing the button.
The soft bamboo part remains in contact with the skin, the PUL part touches the slip and prevents stains. When you change, take out the tampon and fold it back on itself, securing it with the button. Put it in the waterproof wet bag specially designed for Mamipads: you avoid stains, odors and you are calm until you return home.
Change your Mamipad as often as you used to replace the disposable tampon.

How do you wash?

The Mamipads can be washed by hand or in the washing machine up to 60 ° C and dry in the air or in the dryer.

If you can, use an ecological product. Avoid bleach and fabric softener: they ruin the product and are harmful to health and the environment.
Do not use fabric softener and do not iron the Mamipads.
Mamipads are not faded: you can wash them together even if they have different colors.
Follow the directions for use and washing: your Mamipads washable pads will last for years.

What formats can I choose?

15 × 5 cm

daily protection, light flow
  • 1 top layer of bamboo
  • 1 layer of hyper-absorbent microfiber
  • 1 outer layer in waterproof PUL
25.5 × 7.5 cm
medium flow
  • 1 top layer of bamboo
  • 2 layers of hyper-absorbent microfiber
  • 1 outer layer in waterproof PUL
MAMIPAD NIGHT 30 × 8 cm night, abundant flow
  • 1 top layer of bamboo
  • 2 layers of hyper-absorbent microfiber
  • 1 outer layer in waterproof PUL


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