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Concentrated Natural Mint Mouthwash

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You will love Natural Mint Mouthwash by Officina Naturae , because it refreshes at the right point without burning. It helps you to have fresh breath but also to keep the deposits of plaque and tartar under control , enemies of your teeth and gums. How? It uses completely natural and organic ingredients .
Mint essential oil is the organic ingredient that leaves that feeling of balsamic freshness in the mouth but also helps improve your daily oral hygiene.
The new formula of the natural mouthwash is even more concentrated : 100 ml of this concentrated mouthwash correspond to about 400 ml of liquid mouthwash in normal concentration. In addition, the new bottle is more environmentally friendly : they have significantly reduced plastic and have adopted a glass bottle with an aluminum cap .
Because this product follows a production line that is aware and respectful of health and living beings, they only used ingredients of vegetable origin, vegan and cruelty free .

    • ICEA Eco Bio CosmesiBio SostenibileNickel TestedVeganMade In Italy
    • Plastic-FreeZero Waste


You can use our Mint Liquid Mouthwash daily, even several times a day, after brushing your teeth, for a deeper oral hygiene or to always have fresh breath and mouth.
How to use concentrated mouthwash? Dilute 30 drops of mouthwash in 30ml of water, which is equivalent to a coffee cup. Do a thorough rinse that lasts at least 2 minutes, contracting and relaxing the cheeks to pass it between tooth and tooth.

How to differentiate the packaging ? Recycle the box in the paper collection and, at the end of the product, the glass bottle and the aluminum cap in their specific separate collection. The aluminum cap has a small gasket and a plastic reducer, essential for sealing and dosing the liquid, but, if you can't separate them (try with a simple tweezer), you don't have to worry: recycling plants separate these elements , during the steps of the supply chain. You will have no other waste, for this zero waste mouthwash!


- Organic ethyl alcohol : of natural origin, with anti-plaque effect.

- Organic essential oil of Field Mint : aroma, antiseptic and antimicrobial action.

content: 100ml

INGREDIENTS: Aqua , Alcohol * , Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil * , Rebaudioside (Stevia) , Limonene .

* from organic farming


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