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Menstrual cup TG.M

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The cycle is no longer a limit.

MamiCup® is the first menstrual cup made in Italy, designed by a woman for all women.
It is a modern, safe, ecological and economical solution that simplifies the cycle. You can also use it at night, when you swim, travel and play sports!
MamiCup® is shaped like an inverted bell and fits into the vagina after bending, much lower than disposable tampons.

The MamiCup® cup is made of soft certified medical silicone.
It collects the flow in a natural and hygienic way, protecting you from discomfort, irritation, allergies.
After 4-8 hours it is removed, rinsed and reused. Month after month, for many years.

Does it really work?
It works so well that when a woman tries it she wonders why she didn't discover it before! The MamiCup® cup gives you a freedom never experienced before: you can keep it for 8 hours straight away from home, all night, you can swim without worrying about anything, play sports.
In addition, it is very convenient: once inserted you forget you have it.

I'm afraid I won't be able to put it on
It is normal and you are not the only one with this fear. MamiCup® may be a new product for you, but the first menstrual cup was already produced in the USA as early as the 1930s. Inserting and removing the cup is very simple, it just requires you to do a little practice. It is much more difficult to explain than to do it.
Millions of women around the world use the menstrual cup. If it were that hard do you think they would?

Is the material safe?
Yes, it is safe and of high quality. MamiCup® is hypoallergenic and does NOT contain latex, phthalates, perfumes, whiteners, harmful chemicals or animal origin.

How to use?
Using MamiCup® is child's play.

In the MamiCup® package you will find a useful instruction booklet.

Have you ever used the menstrual cup? Here are 4 tips for you!
1. Practice before your period
To start getting used to your new MamiCup®, try inserting and removing it before it hits your period.

2. Wear a panty liner to feel more comfortable
The first few times you wear MamiCup®, especially if you are used to disposable tampons and sanitary pads, you may not insert it correctly.
Wear a panty liner to protect yourself from any possible loss, especially when you are away from home.

3. Consider cutting the stem of the cup
If you feel a slight tingle as you move, you may need to shorten the stem of the MamiCup®. Before doing this, make sure you have positioned the cup correctly: don't push it too high, as you would with a tampon, but insert it slightly lower.

Walk around and try to sit with the cup inserted at the right height. If you still feel discomfort, shorten the stem a little at a time, making several attempts.
Wait for your period before cutting the stem definitively: in those days the vaginal structure changes!

4. Use a lubricant
Help yourself with water or a water-based lubricant for the first few uses: this way the cup will fit much more easily.

How can I clean the MamiCup® cup?
Before use
Make sure the 4 holes in the top of the cup are open.
If they aren't, help yourself with a needle or pin.
Wash the cup with warm water and mild soap.
Boil it for 5/7 minutes in plenty of water: it is now sterilized and ready for use!

During the cycle
Always wash your hands before inserting and removing MamiCup®.
Wash the cup with mild soap and water every time you empty it.
Make sure you get rid of any soap residue to avoid irritation.

If you are away from home, rinse MamiCup® with a bottle of water. If you don't have one available, use a paper towel to blot it. As soon as possible, carry out a more thorough cleaning.

After the cycle
Wash the cup with warm water and mild soap.
Boil it for 5/7 minutes in plenty of water.
Let it air dry.
Store it in its cotton bag until next use.

Cleaning the holes
The 4 holes in the upper part of the cup are essential to maintain and release the seal effect. For MamiCup® to work properly, make sure they are always open and unobstructed.
If necessary, use a needle or pin and push it through each hole. Be careful not to damage the cup.


Over time, your MamiCup® may fade. This happens to every menstrual cup, of any brand. This does not affect its effectiveness in any way.

What not to do
Do not leave MamiCup® unattended when it boils. If the water is consumed, the cup will melt.
Do not leave MamiCup® exposed to the sun.
Do not store MamiCup® in a plastic bag / container or where it cannot "breathe".
Do not sterilize MamiCup® in the dishwasher.
Do not use scented or aggressive soaps to wash MamiCup®.
Do not use tea tree oil, vinegar, chemicals, oil based lubricants, alcohol.

Size guide
The choice of size depends above all on the tone of the pelvic muscles (the muscles that hold the cup in place inside the vagina).

Tonicity is affected by:
CHILDREN: when giving birth naturally, the passage of the baby can change the shape of the vagina.
Usually after a natural birth you need a larger cup, size L.
AGE: with advancing age usually (but not necessarily) the tone of the pelvic floor decreases.
Therefore, after the age of 30 we recommend the large size, the L.
For very young girls, the small size, M is always recommended.

PHYSICAL FORM: If a woman is very sporty, her general muscle tone will usually be high.
So it is possible (but not obvious) for her to use a small size, the M, even if she is over 30 years old.
Yoga, Pilates, horseback riding, dance are some activities that strengthen the pelvic muscles.
The difference in size between the two sizes is small, but it is of great importance.
A cup that is too small for you may move, so drip.
A too big one, however, could struggle to open in the vagina, therefore dripping.


The stem must never protrude from the vagina.
If when you sit or walk you feel discomfort and feel "pinching" at the entrance to the vagina, it means that the stem is too long: you have to cut it according to your conformation.

How to cut it:
Remove the MamiCup® and use clean scissors or a nail clipper.
Some women find it more comfortable to cut the stem completely. Do it only if you are sure you know how to extract MamiCup® without her help.


The use of the menstrual cup dates back to the 1930s and has never been associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) ever since.
TSS is an extremely serious and sometimes fatal disease caused by a bacterial toxin linked to Staphylococcus Aureus. TSS is often associated with the use of traditional sanitary pads.
Its symptoms resemble those of the flu: sudden high fever (> 39 ° C), muscle aches, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, dizziness, fainting, rashes similar to erythema or sunstroke.
If you experience any of these symptoms, remove MamiCup® and consult a doctor immediately. If you have suffered from TSS before, consult your doctor before using MamiCup.


In case of gynecological problems consult your doctor before using MamiCup®.
The MamiCup® cup is not a contraceptive method and does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
If you experience symptoms such as pain, burning sensation or inflammation when urinating, take out MamiCup® immediately and contact your doctor.
It is not necessary to remove the cup when you urinate or pass body, but it is necessary to remove it before having sex.
We recommend that you do not exchange your cup with other women.
Keep the cup out of the reach of children or pets.

Safe and reliable
MamiCup® medical silicone is safe and perfect even for women allergic to latex or with very sensitive skin. In this way you avoid chemicals in contact with the vaginal mucosa: no whiteners, additives, perfumes, pesticides, phthalates.

No dryness, caused instead by the buffer that absorbs the flow but also the protective mucus and alters the vaginal pH.

No irritation, redness, discomfort, humidity.

With MamiCup® you don't have to give up anything and you move in total freedom. You enter and exit the water without needing to change. Play sports, you are as active as you like.
No worries: MamiCup® empties only every 4/8 hours. Three times more autonomy than a traditional sanitary pad or tampon!

No bulky packages: MamiCup® is used day and night, throughout the cycle. When traveling, pack only one small bag.

STOP to emergencies: wherever you are with MamiCup® you are calm, even when your period comes suddenly! No more running in search of a supermarket.

Less waste, more savings
Reduce the waste every month: one menstrual cup is enough for you for 10 years. No more throwing away sanitary pads, tampons, applicators, sachets and plastic strips.

These are waste with a very long disposal time. Consider that every year 45,000 million external and internal sanitary pads are thrown away all over the world. Make a concrete gesture in favor of the environment, choose MamiCup®.

MamiCup® is in medical silicone: a material obtained from silica and arenaceous, two elements abundantly present in nature and completely recyclable.

MamiCup® vs. Swabs
MamiCup® is good for your health

Absorbs protective vaginal mucus, altering vaginal pH
You risk irritation and discomfort, as well as TSS
Often bleached and treated with chemicals to increase absorbency
Contains perfumes and antibacterials

It does not create dryness and does not alter the vaginal pH
Hypoallergenic and safe (no TSS)
Not altered by chemicals
The vagina is kept healthy and balanced thanks to the secretions it produces every day. Classic tampons can often be the cause of many intimate discomfort.

The tampon absorbs the mucus and creates dryness. This weakens the vaginal environment and opens the way to irritation.

MamiCup® offers you comfort and freedom

You have to replace it often
Bulky packages in the suitcase
Uncomfortable and humid, especially at night
The lanyard can easily get wet

8 hours of autonomy
Swim without worries
Only one cup is needed when traveling
Nothing sticking out
Quiet nights
MamiCup® vs. Other Cups
MamiCup® and its accessories are all products made with care in Italy.

MamiCup® saves you money
MamiCup® costs less than 20.00 euros. We have chosen to maintain an affordable price to offer as many women as possible the opportunity to use a MamiCup®.

MamiCup® is more elastic
The MamiCup® cup has a superior softness to many other cups.
This makes it easier to put on and take off and therefore more comfortable for many women.

The stem is more flexible and does not host bacteria
The stem of MamiCup® is delicate and flexible.
Some cups have a perforated cylinder for their stem in which bacteria can settle and blood can stagnate.
MamiCup® has a closed rod for stem. Therefore it does not harbor bacteria and is easier to clean.

The upper ring is softer
MamiCup® is much easier to fold.
Once inserted, it exerts less pressure on the vaginal canal, so it is also appreciated by women with very sensitive vaginas.

The holes are higher
Thanks to this MamiCup® is larger than other cups.
The space available to collect the flow is greater. This also makes it suitable for women with heavy flow.



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