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Solara Powder Washing Machine detergent

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Ecological super-concentrated powder detergent for washing machine laundry of the Solara line, with eco-friendly ingredients at km 0, allows up to 34 washes, suitable for washable nappies.

Characteristics of concentrated ecological washing powder detergent:


- Economic because very concentrated. Suitable for washing at temperatures above 40 ° C.
- Thanks to the presence of Percarbonate, it removes stains and sanitizes.
- Recommended for washing washable nappies and resistant washable pads.
- Surfactants of Italian vegetable origin from Brassica.
- Delicately scented with organic Lavender essential oil.
- Thanks to rice starch and vegetable glycerin it gives softness to the fabrics.

The ecological washing powder detergent does not contain: antirepositants of petrochemical origin, preservatives, phosphates, dyes, optical brighteners, zeolites, TAEDs, silicone defoamers, polycarboxylates.
The product is easily and rapidly biodegradable or photodegradable.


Pour directly into the special tray or use a common dosing ball. The use of the ball, in addition to favoring the dissolution of the detergent even at low temperatures and avoiding the deposition of dust in the compartment, allows to improve the washing effect and reduce the amount of detergent up to 20%. In case of stubborn dirt, pre-treat locally with Marseille Laundry Soap or Solara sanitizing stain remover.
It is advisable to carry out the first washing tests with a reduced dose of detergent, and then gradually increase until the right amount is found. Follow the washing machine manufacturer's instructions.

Format: dust bag 1,5 Kg

INGREDIENTS: Potassium Cocoate , Disodium Disilicate , Sodium Carbonate , Sodium Carbonate Peroxide , Sodium Sulfate , Sodium C12-14 Alkyl Sulfate , C12-14 Alkyl Polyglucoside , Carboxymethylcellulose , Glycerin , Tetrasodium Etidronate , Polyglycerin-6 ** , Oryza Sativa Starch , Silica , Parfum (Lavandula Hybrida Flower Extract *) , Protease , Alpha-Amylase .

* from organic farming

** from Italian brassica oil


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