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Balsamic fragrance

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Savor the natural scent for your home.

Fresh and healthy organic ingredients

for the new clean scent.

Recommendations for use

Verdevero products have no fragrance at the time of purchase.

You can choose the fragrance you prefer, or the one most suitable for use, and add the to the detergent perfumant based on Verdevero organic essential oil.
Remember that to perfume 1 liter of detergent you need about 3 ml of perfume with essential oils. By varying the dose up to 10 ml you will increase the intensity of the fragrance. And you can make your laundry even more fragrant by adding an additional pipette directly into the fabric softener compartment .

Each essential oil has peculiar characteristics and qualities. You can choose according to your aroma preferences, but you can also prefer an oil for the effects on the body and mind.


Eucalyptus globulus oil, Mentha piperita oil, Thymus vulgaris oil, organic alcohol from wheat.

Antiseptic, deodorant, calming, purifying, regulates the breath.

Other uses.
Verdevero fragrances based on essential oils can also be used for:

Revitalize your senses in an always natural way: through the aromas you can improve mood and mood.
Pour a little water into your diffuser, to which you will add 1-8 drops of Verdevero essential oil blend .


Those who want to obtain a pleasantly scented laundry, or even more smelling of good, can pour a pipette of organic perfume directly into the softener compartment .

Among the simplest and most ancient forms of treatment: essential oils, mixed with the massage cream, interact with the skin and induce different states and sensations, such as relaxation and regeneration.
Add a few drops of Verdevero Organic Essential Oil Blend to the cream or massage oil, mix well and start the treatment. The massage must be done by applying limited quantities of cream and essential oil with delicate and contained circular movements along the body.
Use 30 drops of Verdevero essential oil for every 100ml of massage oil or cream .

Simple and delicious: it promotes well-being, a good state of efficiency and the health of the body and mind.
Fill the tub with hot water, add 3 to 20 drops of Verdevero essential oil mixture , immerse yourself for about ten minutes and gently move the water in order to disperse the perfume also in the surrounding environment. Then relax and breathe in the aroma deeply.

The skin receives a sure benefit from the use of the Verdevero essential oil blends. You can add one or more drops to your cosmetics: the skin will pleasantly soften, gain tone and rejuvenation.

The amount of essential oil-based perfumer you can use can vary 10 to 30 drops per 100 ml of cream .