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Sensitive Gift Box

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Our skin is one of the most delicate and fragile organs in our body, because it is more exposed to atmospheric agents in every season. We also bombard it daily with products that contain a myriad of ingredients of all kinds, often petrochemicals and sometimes too aggressive. It therefore needs better attention .

Today there is one special wellness gift box , which you can give to those who have the delicate and extremely sensitive skin to most of the hygiene products, or you can give to yourself, who love delicate products. And the Sensitive Skin Gift Box , a box decorated with:

  • Ultra Delicate Shampoo 250 ml
  • Ultra Delicate Shower Gel 250 ml
  • Deo Co.So. Neutral 50 ml

Three products with delicate and natural ingredients , with the particularity of being fragrance-free , therefore suitable for those who do not like fragrances or want to avoid them to remove the risk of irritation. I am, in fact, suitable for those suffering from dermatitis, allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS).
For you who know how difficult it is to guess what to give to a man , we suggest this box, because it adapts to a daily routine, without too strong and persistent scents, which may not be appreciated by him.
It is also an ideal gift kit for those who love conscious products, which they respect the skin but also the environment , as they are made with 100% sustainable formulas, which do not contain sulphates, parabens, thickeners and synthetic conditioners.

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