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Incense Oudh Amber

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Incense Masala Soul Oudh Amber with a heavenly and intoxicating fragrance, the result of a blend of precious natural, sweet and woody fragrances.

Intended, warm and enveloping fragrance.

Ideal for recharging positive energies and chasing away negative ones.

Facilitates meditation.

Aromatic incense linked to the spiritual and meditative sphere.

Lighting a stick creates an ideal environment for those looking for moments of meditation and relaxation, during yoga or simply to perfume the environment.

Masala incenses are handcrafted according to Indian tradition.

They are made by mixing: wood and vegetable powders (resins, mosses, roots, flowers), essences and vegetable carbon. The amalgam is then rolled onto shade-dried bamboo sticks.

pack of 11 incense (15gr)

Duration of a stick: about 45 minutes

How to use:

- insert the bamboo part of the stick into the appropriate burner;

- turn on the tip for a few seconds and turn off the flame;

- the sticks can be turned on and off several times;

- do not breathe the fumes emitted from the ignition points;

- use in ventilated places;

- People suffering from perfume sensitization should use incense with caution;

- during use, the incenses must be kept at least one meter from the people who stay in the room.

- Keep out of reach of children;

- Do not leave the stick on unattended

Basic ingredients: wood powder, coconut charcoal, resins, loban, halmaddi, flower petal powder, honey and essential oils.


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