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AQUACOMPACT kit with refill included

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The new AquaCompact KIT contains two ecological cartridges that can be opened, to guarantee you 2,000 liters of filtered water and save you even more!

Easy to install and equipped with two separate outlets for filtered and non-filtered water, AquaCompact is the only one to have the patented 999 silver system against bacterial proliferation, which allows the cartridge to be changed after 1000 liters, regardless of the time of use, guaranteeing safe water over time.
Inside the box there is a sheet with instructions and disposal steps made on SHIRO-ALGA (an ecological, recycled and biodegradable paper that uses fiber obtained from the weeds of the Venice lagoon or other lagoon environments at risk)

Filters: microplastics, chlorine, turbidity, sand, rust, limestone, metal sediments, algae films, suspended materials> 5μm, eliminating unpleasant tastes and odors.

Composition: mechanical filter, cartridge with activated carbon and patented silver bacteriostatic disc. Suitable for all standard taps * (Including Camper, Caravan and Caravan)

In compliance with the Ministerial Decree of 25 February 2012. ANTIBACTERIAL PATENT

When used correctly, it filters up to 1,000 liters (approximately 3 months of actual use **).

Additional information:

Input: 22x1F - 24x1M (reversible)

Outputs: 2 (Filtered-Unfiltered)

Min / Max pressure: 2 bar / 5 bar

Maximum temperature: 75 ° C

Mechanical filter: 5-10 microns

Adsorbent filter: activated carbon + felt

Cartridge life: 1.000 Lt / 3 months approximately

Dimensions: alt. 8cm; width 12cm; depth 6.5 cm

Net weight: 190 gr

The multi-filter, if used correctly, filters the following materials (up to 1.000lt): Chlorine Cl2 60%, Turbidity 38%, Microplastics 5µm, Copper Cu 12%, Iron Fe 17%, Lead Pb 10%, Zinc Zn 20%, Sand, Rust> 5µm, Heavy metals and algae> 5µm, Suspended materials> 5µm


  • Remove the empty cartridge after 1000 liters from the AquaCompact / AquaGaia filter
  • Press lightly on the top of the cartridge
  • The cartridge will break, empty it and carefully separate the components, disposing of them as follows:



* In case of incompatibility you can directly contact the company that will provide you with the adapter for free among those available!
If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us and send us the photo of your faucet.
** Figure calculated on a family of four adults who use about 3 liters of water per day for drinking and cooking.


We ship throughout Italy with GLS and send a track to track the shipment. Delivery usually takes place in 24-48 hours for the boot and in 48-72 hours for the islands. Cost € 8.50 free for orders over € 79.00


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