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Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil is ideal for oily skin treatments. Compared to the common Tea Tree it has more powerful antiseptic properties, used as an antibacterial for fungal diseases, candidiasis and as a cure for fevers and colds. Also excellent as an insect repellent and for the treatment of juvenile acne.

content 10ml


Lemon Tea Tree essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the Leptospermum Petersonii , a small tree up to 5 meters high with lemon-scented leaves. This tree is grown both as an ornamental plant and to obtain essential oil. In nature, it grows near evergreen Mediterranean-type forests on sandy or rocky escarpments on the east coast of Australia. It has simple leaves, 20 - 40 mm long, with a characteristic lemon aroma. The flowers are white, followed by woody capsules.

The essential oil is extracted in a stream of steam from the leaves. It is a clear to pale yellow liquid.

Lemon tea tree essential oil has a sweet lemon aroma that is even more fragrant and intense than cold pressed lemon essential oil.
The main constituents are citral and lemongrass.


When used carefully in small dilutions within skin care applications, Lemon Tea Tree essential oil can be useful in formulations intended for oily skin due to its purifying action.
Thanks to its scent it is indicated in deodorant and detergent products.
It also has an insect-repellent action.


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