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Recycled Sail Clutch Bag

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The Recycled Vela Clutches are handcrafted, handmade in a small workshop in Rimini. Therefore, the Officina Naturae clutch bag was born in Italy, made using racing sails destined for disposal. Each handcrafted clutch bag is different from the others in colors and finishes, according to the different cuts of the sails.
Take it with you: on the go, as a beauty case for your solid cosmetics! In this way, you will support a recovery work and avoid the disposal of very high quality fabrics! The clutches are original and green. Help support the recovery!

The canvas of which our handcrafted clutch bag is made can be in Kevlar or Spectra or carbon , which are types of synthetic fibers, made with technopolymers with very high mechanical and thermal resistance. These characteristics are indispensable for the sails of the “Swan”, the typical boats that run regattas. Each of these boats changes sails every year, which means that around 150 m2 of sail, for each boat, every year is bound to become waste . An enormous waste that involves a very high disposal cost, to be added to the equally high production cost of the starting materials.
Thinking about these numbers, Officina Naturae decided to start recovering the first 132 m2 of sail, (from a mainsail and a jib ), to create the first Stramba Recycled Vela Clutches .
The lanyard is also obtained from the Kevlar ropes of the boats : they are scraps that the riggers (rope operators) cut to optimize the length and weight of the ropes.
The eyelet is made of stainless steel, to resist humidity.
All the Stramba artisanal pochette is entirely sewn in Italy , in a small Rimini workshop, with absolutely artisanal techniques.


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