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Large Chrome Safety Razor

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The Chrome Classic Original is a 3-piece safety razor characterized by the classic design of the ionic column handle that is interrupted by the elegant knurled base that facilitates the screw opening of the head. It is made entirely of brass and then subjected to the metal finishing process.

The razor is perfectly balanced and easy to use.

The open comb head ensures that the razor works well with different beard growth lengths with a very close and close shave.

The Fatip Classic is one of the most internationally known razors becoming in effect a classic of vintage shaving.

Weight: 66 g / Total Length - 87 mm / Handle Length - 78 mm / Head Width - 42 mm

The open comb head shaves thoroughly because the skin stretches less and the hair, slipping between the "teeth" of the comb,
comes closest to the blade. The razor must be placed on the face not by pressing, but by sliding it.
The Original guarantees a deep and accurate shave for all types of beard (close shave), ideal for those with hard and thick hair.
We recommend the use of a softer (mild) blade among those on the market, in combination with a good oil
o pre-shave cream that prepares the skin, facilitates sliding and softens the hair.

NB Fatip razors are handcrafted, small signs of workmanship are due to its fidelity to the great craft tradition of Premana, as an Italian excellence of Made in Italy for scissors, blades and knives. Please clean and dry the shaver carefully and gently to avoid breaking the head pins.


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