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White Sage and Lavender

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Combination of White Sage and Lavender this smudge is ideal for scenting the environment, helping to relieve mental fatigue and for energizing and purifying sessions

  • Name : White Sage and Lavender - Salvia apiana and Lavandula
  • Origin: North America - California - Mexico
  • Fragrance: intense, engaging, satisfying
  • Ideal for: fragrance of the environment, purifying sessions, shamanic rites.
  • How to use: it is advisable to insert the socket in its spring, light it with a high flame and then turn it off, letting it fumigate.

Some informations:

There White Sage it is known for its purifying and esoteric properties and widely appreciated on a sensory level.

In the desert areas of California lives the Salvia Apiana , a small perennial plant also called "White Salvia" due to the characteristic light gray color of the leaves and the white flowers.

The Native Americans considered it a sacred plant , attributing to it important purifying properties; if burned, in fact, the leaves emanate and diffuse a smoke full of negative ions ideal for cleaning the air and the environment and to purify the body and its energy field.

Always the Native Americans believed that the "White Sage" made evil spirits sick and that they fled as soon as they smelled it, unlike the good spirits who appreciated the scent.

Burning the famous "Smudges" (bunches of leaves) of "White Salvia" also helps to keep annoying insects away and is an excellent repellent for moths.

The "White Sage" is also widely appreciated on a sensorial level; in fact the oils, of which the leaves are rich, when they are burned, give rise to an intense perfume.


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