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Brush for dishes

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Brush for dishes in waxed beech wood and Tampico bristles , completely natural and made entirely in Italy ! Ideal not only for dishes and crockery but, due to its strength and effectiveness, it allows you to also wash pots with non-stick coatings , without damaging them, and to eliminate the most difficult encrustations.

Some more information:

If you've never heard of the Tampico , now you know that it comes from a particular Agave, a typical Mexican cultivation, from which this vegetable fiber is obtained, used to wash delicate fabrics and surfaces. Why is the Officina Naturae Dish Brush better than any dishwashing sponge? It has a great ability to retain water , and then gradually releases it as you use it. For this it allows you to save dish detergent. You can finally say stop with plastic , and embrace a sustainable lifestyle e zero waste with conscious dishwashing products! This natural brush lasts long and does not shed bristles, and is 100% biodegradable.


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