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Eco-friendly Baby Silver toothbrush

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For your child you definitely want a biodegradable toothbrush : the Officina Naturae children's toothbrush has the handle made of a special bioplastic , cellulose acetate , a material that is obtained from the processing of wood pulp and is, therefore, renewable and biodegradable . The handle is not colored, because they have chosen not to add the material, which is originally colorless, with dyes that, at times, compromise its biodegradability.
The small head is externally composed of soft castor oil bioplastic bristles , while the central ones, always soft, are impregnated with silver . These special bristles have the characteristic of being antibacterial , therefore, they do not favor the proliferation of bacteria and molds , as can bristles of vegetable or animal origin typical of the bamboo toothbrush. And you don't want your baby to put a contaminated toothbrush in his mouth!

    • Bio SostenibileVeganMade In Italy

Your baby can start brushing his teeth as soon as his baby teeth begin to appear with very little toothpaste and under your supervision . Choose the Officina Naturae toothbrush if you are looking for a toothbrush for children aged 1 and up. For safe oral hygiene suitable for children, a fluoride-free toothpaste is also ideal, such as the Bricco toothpastes in Cherry, Strawberry and Banana flavors that help your child brush his teeth more willingly! (you can find them available in our shop)
Replace it when the bristles have just deformed.
Your doubt is in which separate collection for the toothbrush? Like all items of personal use, it goes in the undifferentiated collection and not in the plastic, since it is not a packaging. Having the biodegradable handle, you can dispose of it in the wet but only after detaching the bristles and after having reduced it into small pieces. Instead, recycle the cardboard box in the paper collection.


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