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Konjack Pink Sponge

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The Konjack sponge is 100% natural made of vegetable fibers obtained from the root of the homonymous plant. It has a soft texture, ideal for cleansing the face. This sponge has in fact been used in Japan for more than 100 years, as a bath sponge for babies thanks to its characteristic softness.

The Konjack sponge has the characteristic of absorbing water and creating a layer of water on its surface that acts as a cushion and forms a barrier between the sponge and the skin. The result: the leather is never in direct contact with the fiber and is not scratched or damaged even using the sponge for a more energetic wash.

This Konjack is flavored with the scent of Rose, Ideal for mature skin.


Combine the Konjack sponge with one of our purifying face cleansing soaps for incredible results in no time. Smooth and smooth skin without impurities, in a 100% natural way.


We ship throughout Italy with GLS and send a track to track the shipment. Delivery usually takes place in 24-48 hours for the boot and in 48-72 hours for the islands. Cost € 8.50 free for orders over € 79.00


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