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Natural loofah sponge disk

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The loofah is a vegetable sponge obtained from the dried pulp of the Luffa cylindrica fruit. It is an ecological , biodegradable, hypoallergenic and non-toxic sponge suitable for cleansing and exfoliating all skin types .

The loofah sponge can also be used for household cleaning and for washing dishes in place of normal synthetic sponges and, when it appears excessively damaged, it can be thrown into the compost.

This disk is also suitable as a soap holder.

The use of the loofah sponge it is very simple: when dry, the sponge appears dry and hard, but in contact with water it softens and is used as a normal sponge both for domestic cleaning and for personal hygiene. There loofah sponge it is exfoliating, hypoallergenic, ecological and suitable for all skin types.

After use, the loofah sponge should be done dry very well to avoid the proliferation of molds and bacteria and, when it is damaged, it can be thrown into the humid or compost.

approximate dimensions: diameter 7cm length 3cm approximately

What is loofah, the natural and vegetable sponge

Luffa is a vegetable sponge obtained by drying the fruit of Luffa cylindrica , a plant belonging to the Cucurbitaceae.

The loofah plant produces a fruit similar to a large courgette whose pulp, once ripe, appears solid, elastic and spongy.

Although the luffa courgette is edible, its food consumption is not widespread due to its bitter taste and particularly fibrous consistency.
The pulp of the loofah comes therefore dried to obtain sponges which can be used in domestic cleaning, for washing dishes or washable surfaces in the house, and especially for personal hygiene, as a body sponge in the shower.


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