the Tulipano a Vento

I introduce myself, my name is Sara, I am from the class of '88. Grew up in a small village surrounded by countryside. I think I'm a sunny person but at the same time shy. My biggest problem is the eyes, they talk too much and I can't hide anything .. I love animals and I share the house with 3 dogs and 4 cats (the furry crew) are all adopted or saved from difficult situations. If it were up to me I would save it again and again but the husband said that for the moment what we have is enough. Over the years I have become aware of myself, of who I am and of what I want to become when I grow up. This led me to get involved and re-evaluate my knowledge. I have embarked on a sustainable life path by acquiring a vegan diet, trying as much as possible to reuse and use products that are as green as possible.

I love nature and my favorite seasons are autumn and spring, I love to see how the colors in the landscape change, the scents that are released into the air, the mild temperatures and the days with the right light / night ratio. I also like winter but not here in the Po Valley, as it is characterized by too much fog and humidity, so as soon as we can we go to the mountains with our dogs to take beautiful walks among the snow, the silence and the peace that only mountain knows how to give. Summer is also beautiful with the song of cicadas, but not in the Po Valley which becomes increasingly hot, always accompanied by the humidity that characterizes us and more and more mosquitoes.

I am passionate about Northern Europe, and I fell in love with Holland, the magic that windmills create, the emerald green grass, the sudden change of weather, the temperatures, all those cycle paths and a lot of navigable canals. . And to think that I ended up there by chance, only to accompany her husband to a gathering of trucks that are his passion and that he loves to photograph. That vacation was the most exciting of my life, I hope I can go further north and be able to visit Norway, Sweden and Finland.

It is precisely because of the magic that the Netherlands left me that the name of the “Tulipano a Vento” was born. Seeing these centuries-old structures with these huge blades that turn with only the force of the wind and at the base this grass so green and full of bulbous flowers was beautiful. From this first holiday I also fell in love with tulips and hyacinths which are so fragrant and colorful!

Il Tulipano a Vento was born out of the passion I have taken in recent years towards the zero waste and eco-friendly world. The products I select have a research, have a test and if they satisfy my criticality then I share them with you otherwise not. To give life to this project I also interfaced with artisans in the area, because I like to be able to give value to a work so ancient that only the craftsman knows. So I like to think that I am not just a reseller, but that I am part of a network of collaborations born and carried on by the same spirit and enthusiasm that we have to try to safeguard what remains of our beautiful planet.