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AquaSweet is the anti- limescale and anti- chlorine filter for showers and bathtubs that will allow you to immediately have fresh and clean water for the care of your body, preventing the occlusion of the shower head, freeing the walls from limescale and leaving the skin less stressed and softer .

Like all AQUASAN products, AquaSweet is equipped with a patented 999 silver disc against bacterial proliferation, which makes it particularly suitable for delicate and sensitive skin.

* The life of the cartridge is approximately 3 months of use effective , the filtering is 1000lt.

Very easy to install.

Ideal for sensitive skin.

Filter sand, chlorine, microplastics , limestone, metal sediments, rust, alge films and suspended materials.

Works with hot and cold water.

Compliant DM n.25 of 07/02/2012.

    Additional information:

    Input: 22x1F - 24x1M (with adapter)

    Outputs: 1 (Filtered)

    Min / Max pressure: 2 bar / 5 bar

    Maximum temperature: 75 ° C

    Mechanical filter: 5-10 microns (felt)

    Adsorbent filter: Activated carbon

    Cartridge life: 1.000 Lt / 3 months approximately

    Dimensions: alt. 12cm; width 7cm; prof. 7 cm

    Net weight: 210 gr

    Antibacterial system: Silver 999 patented system

    * In case of incompatibility you can directly contact the company that will provide you with the adapter for free among those available!

    If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us and send us the photo of your faucet.

    ** Data calculated on a family of four adults who use about 3 liters of water a day for drinking and cooking.